February "What Life?" Lately

This year is not off to a good start. January was less than stellar and February is not much better. It seems 2017 is going to be the year of sickness for our household. Not much has been going on besides being sick, hence the title of this post. 

I started reading a book last month and I haven't even read a word of it in like two weeks. I've been too tired to do too much reading. In fact, just reading this as I type is difficult. 

I watched the entire series of Grounded For Life on Netflix. The parents on that show are terrible and make me feel pretty good about how I am doing as a parent and a wife. I have also started watching The Golden Girls. I hate to say it but I really don't get the appeal. 

Being a mom of a 2 year old and an 8 month old is hard. The toddler is just having a really hard time with not being the center of attention. He really wants to be a baby since he thinks his brother gets special attention. I keep having to assure him that he is a big boy and that he gets to do big boy things. The little one is teething and not sleeping very well. We moved him from his basket to the crib and that isn't helping. He is still in our room though. Littlest is a very light sleeper. If you cough too loud or snore you might wake him up. Oh and if he wakes up and sees you he wont go back to sleep. 

Wifey Life
My husband has been pretty busy lately so I am not getting to have much time with him. We had a romantic evening planned for the weekend before Valentine's Day but our babysitter canceled last minute. As in, we were at their house already. It was such a let down. They are supposed to watch the toddler the last weekend of the month so we might get to do something. Of course, we will still have the littlest with us.  

Blog/Social Media
Things have been pretty dead around here. We have all been so sick. The flu went around the house last month. This month we all had a stomach bug. The boys were both sick with it for over a week. Needless to say my lack of energy time led to a lack of posting on the blog. I do have a lot of exciting posts that I am working on.  While I haven't been blogging much, I have been regularly posting to Instagram. I love how I can share little snippets with my followers without writing an entire blog post. I also like seeing the snippets of the people I follow. I did delete Snapchat since is was pretty much dead. I miss the filters in Snapchat but I will be using Instagram Stories from now on.  

Pretty Polishes For Spring And Summer

I remember when I was in middle school I had an obsession with nail polish. I'd use any color in the rainbow and I would even use them all at once. Any one else paint each finger a different color? Surely, it wasn't just me.When I was in my twenties, I only wore two colors. Black with sparkles and dark red.  Now, my taste has evolved a little bit. Typically you will find me with red or pink fingernails. My toes are where you will see the fun colors.

My favorite color for the spring is Mrs. Always Right from Essie. I will be wearing this color on my fingers and toes a lot this spring and summer

This color reminds me of when I used to paint my nails with white out when I was in sixth grade. YSL Blanc Arty is a bit more classy of a choice.

If you are looking for the softest pink color, look no further than Don't Bossa Nova Around.

Cake By The Ocean is a bit more pink than the previously listed Don't Bossa Nova Around.

I've never painted my nails this color in the past but I am looking forward to it! Perfect Posture will be a great color to wear on my toes.

What colors are you looking forward to wearing this spring and summer?  My top favorites are Mrs. Always Right, Blanc Arty, and Perfect Posture.

Pretty Polishes for Spring and Summer

February Goals

January was pretty crazy and February is already off to a pretty rough start. It is early still so hopefully I can turn this month around. 

January Goals 

Try something new: I will be writing about this experience soon!

Complete Whole 30: I got super sick last month and we got snowed in making getting groceries impossible, so sadly this didn't happen.

Earn $400 in additional income: Not even close. I didn't even make half, but again I was super sick and didn't work on this as much as I would have liked.

Do timed distances every week: I didn't do this even once.

Lose 3 pounds: I had two really bad stomach bugs. Not how I wanted to lose weight but I suppose it counts.

February Goals

Continue to eat healthy: I have a brand new board full of healthy recipes to try. 

Earn $200 in additional income: I think this might be a bit more realistic for the time I have available to commit.

Lose 3 more pounds: No more stomach bugs though, please!

Drink more water: I used to be good about drinking tons of water. Now I can't have a glass without someone spilling it or dropping things in it. However, my skin is suffering from not drinking enough water.

Limit eating out to 4 times a month: We have been spending a ton of money on eating out. Life had been so hectic cooking dinner and doing the dishes seemed too great a task.

Improve my photography: A long time ago, I was actually pretty good at photography. Now I am out of practice and really not giving it the time it deserves. I want to take take more photos with my actual camera and get back to using the manual settings!

Organize my samples/photo props/ blog stuff: My collection of blog things has grown out of control. From pr samples to Instagram props, I just have way to much stuff all over the place. Oh on a good note I did get my closet cleaned out. That was on my goal list a couple of months ago.

Make a list of all the things I need to do: I have a really long list of things I need to do, but it is in my head. I need to sit down and actually make a list!

I am not sure what my new thing for the month will be yet, but I am thinking about it. Do you have any suggestions for something new to do? Maybe a hobby you like that I should try? Or some new exercise class? Is there something you want to try but are a bit nervous to do?

January Recap and Favorites

Ugh I won't lie, I am so glad this month is over. Things have been a bit crazy behind the scenes. Check out my last life lately post, if you want to know more about what has been occupying my time.

This month I was just too busy to write all of the posts that I had planned for the month. Here are the top three posts of the month.

A Guide To Goal Setting | If you need help setting tangible and realistic goals, check out this post where I share my step by step process for setting goals.

The Best Highlighter For You | In this post I reviewed a variety of highlighters ranging from drugstore picks to cult classics.

Whole 30 Food Staples | This is a list of Whole 30 essentials. If you want a list that won't break the bank, this is the post for you.

Favorites Posts

***Huge Planner Giveaway*** | I am not the best at using my planner but if I had a bunch of really cute pens and stickers, I would be more likely to actually use it. I would recommend entering! I'm a sponsor of the giveaway and I'd love to win it myself.

Inside My Makeup Bag from Tiffany Ching-Bean | Because I love blogging about beauty, I like to see what other people keep in their makeup bag.

Motherhood: 12 Lessons From The First Year from The Fresh Exchange | While I already have a toddler, this post was such a good reminder of the first year.

Anemone Arrangements | I cannot wait for warmer weather and pretty flowers.

Party Details from Chanel Moving Forward | I don't have a girl but the details of this birthday are ones you don't want to miss.

Favorite Things

Gourmand Fragrance in Pistachio Brûlée | I am not much for fragrance because it can give me really bad headaches, but I am loving the sweet smell of this one.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation | I am looking for a new foundation and I have heard really great things about this one.

Kate Spade Sunglasses in Pink/ Havana | It won't be long before the sun starts coming out and I want to be ready.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

I'm pretty sure my husband thinks chocolate is the go to gift for Valentine's Day. Not that there is anything wrong with chocolate, but sometimes a little extra thought would be nice. Guys, if you are reading this, ditch the chocolate and the roses, and pick something extra special for your lady.

Herbivore Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish: This is an absolute luxurious product. It looks pretty and is smells amazing.
Voluspa Prosecco Rose Candle: Voluspa makes my favorite candles. There are so many scents so you are sure to find the perfect one for your sweetie.
NARS Nails Polish: Pink nail polish has been having a moment and I don't think it will end soon.
Rifle Paper Co Iphone 7 Case: Most wouldn't think of giving an phone case as a gift, but this case is practical and pretty.
Tom Ford Lip Color: This lipstick is almost too pretty to use. It will make a great impression on the vanity and on the lips.
Eternally In Amber Detangling Comb: I actually bought this comb for myself. It is so pretty and comes in a variety of colors.
OUAI Wave Spray: This wave spray will give your honey some seriously gorgeous beach hair, even in the midst of winter.
Falk Cashmere Ruffled Bedsocks: These socks are sure to keep the toes warm. Plus they are a steal for cashmere.

From my Instagram Post:

Pretty Woman Nail Polish in I'm Not A Ballerina: Such a pretty color polish that I received in my Ipsy bag.
Fig and Moss Pink Sea Salt Scrub:  Isn't it pretty and it has such a great texture for a scrub.
French Girl Cosmetics Lip Scrub: This scrub has made an appearance in several of my gift guides because I love it so much.
The Organic Pharmacy Enzyme Peel Mask: A great mask to help make skin glow.
Blossom Lip Gloss: The cherry scent and the coconut are my favorite. I purchased mine at Urban Outfitters but they are sold out, so I linked to Forever 21.
Pacifica Blushious in Wild Rose: This shimmery blush was another product in my Ipsy bag but is available at Ulta too.
Anthropologie Velvet Hair Ties: A very girly but grown up bow available in the prettiest shades.
Sephora Sleep Mask in Pearl: One of my favorite sleep masks and a great price too!
Smashbox Lipgloss: This is my favorite color Tabloid, which isn't available anymore.

One of the biggest parts of gift giving is really thinking about the person. After really thinking about that person and what they would want, you can make the gift extra special by spending just a little more on it or by picking something they would think is a tiny splurge. All of the gifts in this guide are affordable but they are special enough to make a statement. To really make an impact, find a pretty card and wrap the present in a nice box or gift bag.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide