A Not So Epic June Beauty Box Battle

This month was a bit underwhelming as far as beauty boxes go. Two of the three boxes just weren't that great this month. Which was my favorite?

Ipsy Glam Bag Volume Up
Cost of Ipsy Glam Bag: $10 
Value for June: 5.99 + 2.50 + 2.50 + 4.99 + 9.00 + 10.50 = $35.48 

Birchbox Face The Day
Cost of Birchbox Beta: $10 or $15 for Beta 
Value for June: 8.00 + 9.00 + 1.50 + 1.50 + 6.25 + 10.00 + 7.50 = $43.75 

Sephora Play Summer Starters  
Cost of Play by Sephora $10 
Value for June: 10.00 + 7.00 +  4.42 +  7.20 + 10.00 =  $38.62

Box Scores

Value: (1) $43.75 Birchbox (2) $38.62 Sephora (3)  $35.48 Ipsy 
Usefullness (1) Ipsy 2/5 (2) Birchbox 2/5 (3) Sephora 2/5

Winner: Birchbox by a hair

It's Been Crazy, June

I cannot believe it is time for another segment of Life Lately. Things have been so super busy around here. I was hoping to have a relaxing month and really work on some self reflection and relationship building time. Has that happened yet?

Thank you Hulu! I love love the new shows that are available. I will have no problem finding something to watch, if I should find the time to watch TV. I'm spending a ton more time in the office nook than I would like. Currently watching House Hunters and Fixer Upper. 

I am really wanting to get into a new place. Out current residence is just too small. We have four people living in a two bedroom, two bath place. I really really want to double our living space. I'd love 4 bedrooms because I am still thinking about having another child. However, here in the Portland Metro the housing market is insane. Not anything like California or the Seattle area, but it is really high. It is a sellers market here. In fact, you can flip a house here without even improving it. Here are a few links to some houses I am dreaming about. Yellow house. New build. The Yard. and Can I Have Please?  None of them are absolutely perfect and three of them would still need major updates.

Bad News Bears
My beloved Apple MacBook Pro died. Like dead. As in my husband that works in IT can't fix it. Something about the logic board. Anyway. I'm not exactly rolling in money (we just paid off all of our NICU bills) so I can't just go out and buy another $2,000 computer. I'm pretty resourceful so I am hoping to figure out some way to get a new computer. In the meantime, I am working from the worlds oldest Mac Mini. Let's hope it lasts until I can find a more reliable replacement.

Mommy Life
Things with the kids were great when my mom was here. Somehow she was able to get my two little boys to be the sweetest little angels. Now that she has returned home, things are back to crazy. My oldest is 2.5 and is really testing boundaries. He makes it hard and embarrassing to leave the house. He also gets stir crazy when we stay at home. I know we have to get out and do more but my oldest is the child that is literally throwing himself on the floor in public. If you see a mom carrying a screaming toddler over her shoulder, that is probably me.

Wifey Life
Things are not as bad now that my husband isn't as busy. We could both really use some time away from both of the kiddos but I don't have a babysitter to watch both of them, not even my mother-in-law will do it. My oldest, as you have read, is a handful. Oh and I just found out my gym will start closing earlier. So now I have to decide to either go the gym, spend time with my husband, or blog. There isn't a way to do two on the same night anymore. I'd have to leave right after the kids go to bed to make it to the gym and by the time I was home my husband would be asleep meaning I couldn't spend time with him or blog since the computer is in the bedroom.

Blog Life
I am so busy with the blog, but in a good way! I just launched my YouTube channel. I'll be sharing beauty hauls, unboxings, and more on my channel. I am going to try and build up a library of videos and then post weekly. It is crazy to think that a year ago I said I would never do video and well here I am doing video. I've already posted a budget beauty haul, if you want to check it out.

I'd love to hear how your June is going? Are you excited and ready for summer? 

Beauty on a Budget

I spend A LOT of money on health and beauty products. As a blogger and a beauty lover, I am constantly buying new things to try as well as stocking up on my favorites. But with two boys, and a long list of things we are saving for (aka new house), I have to be more budget conscious when I buy things.

Grocery Outlet is a great place to find beauty products you love and to pick up new things too! I love that I am able to try new products without having to pay full price. Look at all of the choices they have. Thinking of heading there now? Don't go without your *coupon* so you can save even more!

Grocery Outlet Health and Beauty Section

Check out my FIRST EVER haul video to see what I purchased.

If you are not into videos you can still see what I purchased.

Grocery Outlet Beauty Haul

 Now what exactly are you waiting for? Get your coupon and go to Grocery Outlet!

My Grocery Outlet Health and Beauty Haul

Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Night Cream $7.99
Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes $3.99
Rimmel London Trio Eyeshadow in Summer Chi $2.99
Revlon Colorstay Eye Liner in Amethyst $3.99
Almay Smart Shade Blush $3.99
Revlon Highlighting Palette in Peach Glow $3.99
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle in Shine $1.99

Total: 28.98

Get Your Coupon HERE!

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Guide

It seems like it was just Mother's Day. Now in a blink of an eye it is time to show appreciation to the father figure in our lives. Of course, my life has been going at whirlwind speed so I haven't ordered anything for Father's Day yet. Yikes! If you are in the same boat as me, here are a few idea for something you can get quick.

This post contains affiliate links. Should you decided to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no added cost to you. Of course, any support would be greatly appreciated.

When it comes to fast shipping, I turn to Amazon Prime. I love my Prime membership. I'm pretty sure I get something through Prime at least once a week. So if you aren't going to go to a physical store to make your purchases (do people do that anymore?) Prime is a must unless you want to pay a ton for express shipping.

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts With Amazon Prime

Fitbit Blaze: This is a really awesome fitness tracker, especially at this price point. It doesn't have the functionality of a smart watch but it doesn't have the price of one either.

Samsonite Columbian Leather Laptop Messenger Bag: This bag is great for a dad that is a student or a working professional. It can hold a lot and it looks good.

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush: For the guy that needs every expensive gizmo, look no further than this toothbrush. Not only will he geek out, his breath will be fresh too.

Tile Mate: My husband never loses anything, but maybe your dad has a hard time keeping up with his keys. Actually, I think I might put this on my own wish list.

Nikon D3400: For the dad that is interested in perfecting his Instagram Husband skills or maybe he wants to photograph his ski trip with his buddies. This is a great intro DSLR and it is also great for bloggers.

Nespresso Evoluo: Help him cut down on those expensive coffee runs by buying him his own coffee maker. This one stop shop does espresso and coffee, plus it comes with its own frother. Soon your barista's name will be Dad.

If Late Arrival Is Okay

Andis Easy Trim 2 (sponsored): I don't think it is any secret that I love Andis. My husband cuts his hair all the time with their HeadStyler and loves how easy it is. Hopefully, the husband isn't reading this, because he is getting the Easy Trim 2 for Father's Day. Really a product that makes your man look good is a present for yourself too ;)

Nomad Goods iPhone Case (not technically sponsored but I have worked with them in the past): My husband loves fun cases for his phone. He is getting one of these for his giant iPhone 7+. In addition to phone cases, they also have some other really great accessories.

Birchbox Man: My husband wouldn't use product in a million years, but maybe the father in your life is a bit more open to things, like looking nice or having good skin. USE CODE: DADSDAY20 to save 20%!

Stitch Fix Men: For both the stylish dads and those lacking in style, Stitch Fix is a gift that keeps on giving. I'd love to sign my husband up for this but he is a bit too big and tall. They do offer up to a size XXL for men.

Moving Forward: Goal Reassessment

If you have been following me you know that I am a very goal oriented person. I post monthly goals, set yearly blog goals, set personal yearly goals, and I wrote a detailed post on setting your own goals. Unfortunately, my goal digger status has been revoked.

I really should have sat down a couple of months ago when I realized I was having trouble reaching my goals. Somehow I thought I would magically catch up to my six month goals after falling behind for four months. 

Take note: If you are consistently failing at your goals, it is time for a reassessment.

Yearly Blog Goals

Reach 5k followers on Pinterest: Pinterest growth is always slow but I am already a little over halfway there.
Averaging 10k pageviews: I have drastically reduced how often I am writing so this will be difficult. I think it might still be attainable if I start writing consistently again.
Reach 10k followers on Instagram: I can't believe I was able to reach this already. My new goal is to reach 20k!
Earn at least $5,000 for the year: When I had set this goal, I was making a large sum from sponsored posts and had thought about selling my own product. I haven't had the time. A more accurate goal would be around $2,000
Develop a free resource library for my readers: I can't figure out a way to do this until I move to Wordpress and I am not ready to do that yet.
Streamline my blog content:I actually don't want to do this anymore. A lot of popular bloggers will tell you to niche down, but I am not convinced.

Yearly Personal Goals

Pay off medical bills: I can't believe it but we did it. We paid all of the bills from the NICU and my C-Section.
Earn $5,00 in extra income: Again, if I am lucky I might be able to earn $2,000.
Lose 40 pounds: I have gained weight this year. I'd have to lose 60 to get to my goal weight. Because of some of my food struggles, weight loss is hard for me. While I'd love to lose the entire 40 pounds, I think 25 pounds might be more realistic.
Complete a 5K: I'll be honest, I don't want to do this. But I can use the training as a way to make sure I exercise.
Do Whole 30 Twice: I have already completed Whole 30 once, I have no doubt I will do it again. I am thinking about doing it in September or October. 
Try something new each month: This has been a struggle not because I don't want to, but because I don't have a lot of time. However, I have managed to so far. 

May Goals

Month of me: This didn't happen. I'd say I had a few days sprinkled throughout the month. My husband had so much work that I just couldn't get away very often. My mother did allow me to have a bit of time to myself which was nice. 

June Goals

Try something new: For this month's try something new I am going to make myself uncomfortable. Yes you read that right. I don't talk about it often on here or really anywhere but I have an unhealthy relationship with food that goes back to my childhood. It is really keeping me from being able to succeed with my weight loss. I know that is going to take more than a month to get these issue resolved but I need to put myself out there and at least get started. 

Return to the gym: I haven't been in over a month. I'd like to set a goal of going once a week.

How have you been doing with your yearly goals? I'd love to know.