Outlook Is Bleak: Life Lately

Things have been slow on the blog and complicated in life.  I don't want to be negative but I've just been kinda down lately. I've had a lot of time to think and I haven't liked some of my conclusions.  I'll apologize in advance for the whiney brat I am going to sound like.

I've been watching Dawson's Creek again. Man that Dawson kid is annoying. I didn't realize the first time around but this time around it is blatantly obvious. Maybe because I've gotten older? I'm team Pacey all the way, anyway. TV shows are so unrealistic. I've been thinking about what it must be like to be Joey Potter. All the boys fighting over her. Of course, I wouldn't want her family drama.

I've been reading a bunch about potty training. As well as behavior issues in toddlers.

Mom Life
As you might guess, things have been upside down here. If you watch my Instagram Stories, you probably know that my youngest was sick and we had a bit of a scare with a high fever. He's not been feeling well for several days but it was the worst on Friday. My oldest can't stand it when he isn't the center of the universe. Little brother being sick meant that he had to be particularly difficult. He's actually been very defiant lately. I'm at a point that I don't really know what to do. He is also starting daycare, part-time in a couple of weeks. He has to behave or he will get kicked out.

Wifey Life
Things are going well with my husband but it is the calm before the storm. His schedule is about to get really crazy next month and I am already dreading it. He will be unavailable from late September until December. That means he will be helping put the boys to bed and that's about it. No time together as a family or just me and him. 

My Thoughts
I've been struggling with the fact that I don't have a traditional job. Don't get me wrong. I love blogging, I love my freelance business. I am lucky that I am able to make a decent sum of money. However, I would kind of like to get out of the house. I'm such a terrible person because I really need a break from the SAHM thing. I'm struggling with being home. I have resentment toward my husband who is able to have a life still. He gets to go to work, talk with people that can actually have a conversation, go the gym, and have a bit of a social life. I'm lucky if I get to take a shower.  My negative feelings about being how have been so intense, I actually talked to a recruiter. What she said didn't really go well. Basically being out of work for three years is going to make it hard for me to get a job in my field. I could get a one day a week job in retail and maybe I could work in retail management eventually. That isn't exactly what I wanted to hear. I have two very expensive degrees. I kinda want to buy a house. It would take less time if I were making a decent income. Ideally I'd like to live off of my husband's income and use mine for part of a downpayment. I know that what I just said sounds privileged. I don't want to sound ungrateful. I am very blessed to be living my life. 

Blog Life
I've been thinking a lot about things going on in life, so the blog has taken a backseat. However, I am close to reaching some major milestones. I am so close to 20k followers on Instagram. I am thinking about doing a small little giveaway for my followers if there is enough interest. It would just be a box of beauty items, some full size items and some deluxe samples. I just added a full size face cream that retails for $85. So trust me there is some good stuff in that box. I have also done a major revamp to my Pinterest. Also if you are a new blogger, you should join my Facebook group.  It is a bit like a traditional blogger support group but I also share helpful articles for growth. I am also planning on doing some live classes and sharing some really great free resources that I have been working on. Right now there are only 12 people in the group, so I would love for you to join.

Highlight Reel

Little Ones Learn With Lamaze Toys

Just like every other mom out there, I want my boys to grow up to be super smart. I am always looking for activities and toys that are fun and educational. Lamaze Toys have consistently been both. My boys have always loved their toys and I like the educational components. Lamaze Toys really are baby loved, science proven.


Lamaze Octotunes

This cute guy has a friendly face that can't be ignored. While the tentacles of the octopus play a note when you squeeze them. My youngest just wants to carry him around but my oldest was entertained to see that each tentacle made a slightly different noise.

From now through August 26, get a discount when you purchase Octotunes on Amazon.

Lamaze Repeat Petey and Starseeker

Stacking Starseeker

I picked this toy to help with my youngest fine motor skills. He really needs to work on stacking. Of course, the cute little monkey on the inside was his favorite and he doesn't care that it stacks. My oldest loved taking it apart and putting it together. Not only is it helping him with his motor skills but it also helping him work on his patience!

Repeat Petey

Petey is another one that my boys have taken to carrying it around like a stuffed animal. Little hasn't realized that it repeats yet but my oldest loves making silly noises for him to repeat.

Learning With Lamaze Toys

These are just three toys from Lamaze Toys. They have so many great ones to select from on Amazon.  Whenever I need a gift for a baby or if I am attending a baby shower, Lamaze Toys always has me covered. Don't forget you can get Octotunes the lovable and musical octopus on sale until August 26!

So Hot, SoCozy

The power has gone out again. The third trip to switch the breaker means I have to turn one of the air conditioners off. I really wish I didn't have to because it is already 81 degrees inside.

In order to keep the boys from getting even crankier and to keep myself from sweating to death, it is time to pack the boys up and head to the pool.

Lucky for me, my oldest might as well be a fish. He loves water. He begs me to let him wash his hands just so he can get them wet. My little guy will play around with brother for a bit and splash around then he wants to hang out with mama.

Once the boys tire of the pool it is time for snacks and a trip to the store.

This post featuring SoCozy is sponsored through Brand Backer. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Once we return from the store we have a dinner of hot dogs and chips so I don't have to turn the oven on. After an hour long struggle to get my oldest to eat his hot dog, we all have a cool treat of some mint chocolate chip ice cream on waffle cones. Then it is bath time which will allow the boys to cool down a bit again before going to bed.

The pool at Oma's house is a saltwater pool so the chlorine level is lower than normal but the neighborhood pool is a traditional chlorine pool. With the boys and I spending a ton of time at both pools, I needed some products to help minimize the damage from the chlorine and the sun.

This is a perfect opportunity for me to try the SoCozy swim line, available on Amazon, on the boys. Neither of them actually like the soap part of taking a bath. They'd much rather shriek and play in the water than get their hair washed.

So Cozy Swim

The first things I noticed about the SoCozy Swim 3in1 is the texture and color. It is much thicker and darker than I anticipated. As soon as I started washing the boys, I knew I was sold on this product. It lathered really well, plus it smelled amazing! I stopped mid washing to read the back to see what exactly made it smell so wonderful. When I read the label I was pleasantly surprised to see ingredients like green tea, acai, and goji berry.

After an extended time playing in the bath it time to put on some fresh pjs and go to bed.  Because the boys have air conditioning in their room, I tend to take a bit longer putting them to bed. I need just a few more minutes of coolness before I have to return to the heat.

I ask my husband to turn the fan on in the bedroom and the power goes out. One more trip to the breaker box.

I cool myself off by taking as cold of a shower as I can stand. After which, I decided to try the Swim Leave-In Treatment + Detangler for myself. The scent makes me smile, because it smells so much like a tropical summer vacation. I end the day by pulling my hair back with one of the France Luxe hair things, washing my face with a new cleanser, and applying a luxurious anti-aging skin cream, both by 37 Activities. Then I fall into bed and hope for a nice breeze.

37 Activities Cleanser and Cream

The Hustle Life

Oh wow it is the middle of July already! I have been going at life nonstop this month. So much to do, so little time!

Let's start with the big news first.  I am starting my very own blogger support group! This group is specifically for lifestyle bloggers. If you are looking for a specific niche support group those are definitely out there. I could recommend a couple if you ask me.

Most of you reading this are probably pretty aware of what a blogger support group is, but for those of you that don't I will try to explain. Basically, it is a group of bloggers that support each other. In the group you can ask questions, get feedback, participate in social share threads, and more. Well, I am still working on the more part. I want to add interesting articles, product promotion threads, and trainings too!

Right now the group is small. So I really need your help promoting it. I'd love for you to share my tweet, even if you aren't interested in joining. Maybe one of your friends or followers wants to start a lifestyle blog.

I am also looking for feedback. Suggestions on what you are looking for in a group and feedback on what I have so far is welcome. Leave a comment here, DM me on Facebook, or send me an email.

Lifestyle Blogger Facebook Group

So my shameless self- promotion is over. Let's move on to the rest of my life lately.

I am actually going to be putting out a blog post on my list of summer reads! I will link to it here when I get it posted.

 I have been burning the midnight oil working on my blog, the Facebook group, and launching my own consulting services. Iv'e been watching or listening to a lot of TV while I work so I don't fall asleep. Current favorites are Elementary, Property Brothers, and Good News. What are some of the shows you are watching lately?

Mom Life
Having two toddlers keeps me very busy. Right now they are on separate nap schedules again. So I am not getting very much done during the day. I'd love for them to nap at the same time but my oldest takes a late afternoon nap and the youngest takes an early afternoon nap. So I have one of them up at all times during the day. I know this sounds like a repeat because I had this problem a couple of months ago. Honestly, I found some better ways to manage my time, so I have been getting more done anyway.

Wifey Life
So this was pretty complicated for a bit.  Things are getting better. My husband and I are both trying harder yet we haven't actually talked about what the problem was. This isn't surprising because my husband is not a talker. Like at all. I think we both realized we need to be a bit more supportive and we need to spend more time together just the two of us and as a family. I do know that come October things are going to be stressful again because that is when his schedule gets busy again. Hopefully this time we can keep things from getting so bad.

Blog Life
So I already talked about this at the beginning of this post. I've been super busy with trying to launch the Facebook group. let me tell you, that is a TON of work. Just scheduling the threads takes forever! I totally have a new appreciation for the people that run the groups I am in. Hats off to you! As for the blog, I know I have been sharing a ton of sponsored content lately. Running a blog, raising a family, and saving for a house are all really hard to do on one income. I do want to let you know that I really try to only promote good things on Feisty Green Polka Dot.  I am working on balancing that out with more of my own unsponsored content.  As for Instagram,  I am moving towards posting a bit less and engaging more. I will be liking and commenting more on your posts. Plus, I will be sharing more behind the scenes moments on Instagram Stories.

Instagram Posts

So that was a really long life lately update. I had a lot to say. I'd love to hear what you have been up to this month too! Share a link to your update post if you have one or leave a comment!

What's In My Diaper Bag: Summer Edition

During the warmer months, we love to get out of the house. Most of the time we are running errands, buying groceries, or going to the park. On the weekends, we might take longer trips to beach or the zoo. Either way, we have to make sure we are prepared for anything.

This post was developed in partnership with Similac. All opinions are my own. 

Here are my basic diaper bag essentials:

Change of clothes
Sippy cups

During the summer, I like to make sure I also have gear for playing outside. I pack extra bottles of water, sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

Even though both of my boys are eating table food at home, I love to pack snacks that are easier to eat when we are on the go.

Right now, I am really loving the Go & Grow by Similac pouches. The pouches come in a variety of flavors available for both babies 6+ months and toddlers. Each pouch has a combination of 3-4 servings of fruit and veggies.

While I try to make sure the boys eat healthy, I'm not always able to make sure my oldest eats all of his veggies everyday. The Toddler Drink Mix is a great solution to make sure he gets added nutrition. It is so easy you just mix it into their drink.

Look for the Go & Grow by Similac pouches at Walmart in the baby food aisle. If they are not available at your store yet, you can order them on Walmart.com and have them shipped to your house or get free pickup at your local store.

Go & Grow by Similac at Walmart

Don't forget to get your extra savings with Ibotta by getting $0.50 back on any one Go & Grow by Similac Pouch. Also, make sure you head over to SheSpeaks and enter their giveaway for your chance to win a $50 Walmart Gift Card.