How To Cure A Case Of The Mondays

How To Cure A Case Of The Mondays

This morning I woke up to the relentless beeping of my iPhone alarm clock. Actually I hit snooze three times so I got almost a week's worth of beeping in one day. Running twenty minutes later than I would like, I miraculously managed to pull myself together and get to work. For many, this is the image of a typical Monday. Having made a vow to be a better morning person, I have gotten better at avoiding cases of the Mondays. Here are my tips to make the start of your week smoother.

1. Plan Ahead- I know that no one wants to be told this because it is super obvious, but trust me it makes a big difference. We all know Monday is coming, we can't claim it is a surprise when it shows up at our door. On Sundays I like to do the following:
  • Make sure my laundry is finished so I know I have something to wear.
  • Think of a couple of outfit options for Monday ( I can't pick something out because it has to feel right for the day)
  • Have cash for lunch or parking if needed
  • Go to bed early. You can't party on Sunday and expect to be bright eyed Monday morning.
2.  Stay Hydrated- If you're sluggish on Mondays, being dehydrated will only make you look and feel worse. Water or coconut water are my go to drinks for the morning. I actually try to avoid coffee in the morning but sometimes I need the jolt of caffeine in the morning. If I need a morning pick me up, I reach for Coco Cafe. It is made from coconut water, a shot of espresso, and a touch of milk.

3. Eat Breakfast- Even though I was running late this morning, I made sure I ate breakfast. While you may be tempted to eat carb laden cereal breakfast, please don't. Carbohydrates for breakfast typically causes a mid-morning crash. Try eating protein for breakfast to give you energy.

4. Think Positive- Yes it is the beginning of the work week and maybe you really can't wait for your weekend plans. But try to think positive. Monday is just a day like any other and it probably won't be all that bad.

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