Bathroom Design

I am very excited to be getting a second bathroom in my new apartment. Having a second bathroom will be great for when we have guests over, like my mother or  my in-laws. Here are some of the options I am looking at for the space.

I really like this option from Kohls. Plus it is currently on sale.
Kohls Shower Curtain

Kohls Bath Rug

World Market Rug

Urban Outfitters

I have also thought about introducing some color to the bathroom.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Bath Rug
World Market Rug

My final pick is from West Elm and is very simple.

West Elm

West Elm Bath Mat

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  1. The first picture caught my eye because of its details. I like the print. It's much simpler compared to the others. It will be a perfect match for my new home in Bradenton apartments.