The Perfect Patio

Last week I moved into my new spacious apartment. One of the features is a balcony off the living room! I am very excited about having this space. My in-laws are also excited about sitting on the balcony and eating grilled food.

We did go to Lowe' and we got an electric infrared grill but it is going back. It lost heat way to fast and my steak was pale but cooked all the way through. Sad face. Especially sad face for my husband, who wants his steak still mooing.

We have already purchases and hung up some really great patio lights we found at Lowe's. My husband was such a trooper and hung them for me and did a really good job. Once the patio is complete I will post a picture.

Update 8/14: I wasn't able to take a picture of my patio this summer. Right now the property management is working on pressure washing and painting (yuck) the patios and decks. Nothing can be outside for the next three weeks! Way to put a damper on the rest of summer :(

Update 10/13: Management has decided we are not allowed to have any of the following: hanging flowers, chimes, or string lights or anything that physically attaches to the deck. We can only have basic flower pots.

Mini Bulb Crackle Patio String Lights

We really need some chairs to sit in, but they can't be big or covered in fabric. I need at least two chairs but would like four. Because of the excessive rain in the Portland Metro, fabric is not an option. Also because space is limited, I need them to stack when not in use. A long list of requirements for sure.

These green chairs found at this great blog are super fun and they stack, but in my house full of neutrals these might be too much of a color pop.

Tabouret Emerald Stacking Chairs

Here are some in a less eye catching hue. I also really like the look of the wood seat, plus they are cheaper than the tabouret chairs.

Jardin Outdoor Chair

Now for the perfect grill. We are not allowed to have a smoker or use charcoal. So we have the option of having an electric or a gas grill. I was sad our first pick didn't provide great cooking results so I want to make sure the next one is the right choice.

This grill is substantially larger than our last grill but is more of what I think we are looking for. The sides do fold down making it much more compact.  

Kenmore 2 Burner Grill

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  1. These are all great addition to your balcony, particularly the lights. I'm sure it will add a sweet appeal on your space that's good for dinner parties, or just by sitting in your balcony at night while enjoying a cup of coffee. Anyway. I hope you can share some pictures when once it's done. – Allison Shallenberger @