Friday Favorites

I am so excited that it is Friday and that the weather is super nice in Portland now! I am also finally going to have my sconces installed in my master bedroom and a great mirror hung over my sofa in the living room.

Potted Meyer Lemon Tree: I have been thinking about one of these for a long time. I am just now trying to cultivate my green thumb with some window flower boxes, so a tree might have to wait. But don't they just look so beautiful!

Tree Image

Leeks: My husband was given a bunch of leeks recently. I have only used leeks a couple of times so I don't have a go to recipe for the. While searching, I came across this lovely recipe. The blogger that posted the recipe is from Portland, just like me. How cool is that?

Danielle Moss's Apartment: Breakfast at Toast is my favorite blog ever. I really like how light and neutral this space is. It is also similar in size to my living room. Granted I couldn't have an apartment this light. Kids are in my near future and I'm not as tidy as I should be. Also my sofa is chocolate brown, mt console is black-brown, my end tables are dark brown.... But maybe one day! This image was taken from The Everygirl, another great read.

Janet Rice Interiors: Right now the master bedroom is full of all our ugly stuff.  A cheap bookcase that needs replacing, posters from concerts my husband attended, short stand for husbands C-Pap....  It would be nice to have a master bedroom that is relaxing and not a pit of decorating shame.This image shows a lovely way to style your bedroom.

Room Image

HGTV  Smart Home 2013 Master Bedrooms: This is another really great bedroom. I love the prints above the bed and the greatly styled bed side tables.

Bedroom Image

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