I love looking at jewelry. If it is sparkly or shiny, I usually like it. Some exceptions always exist of course like large hoop earrings or anything with to much edge (skulls, bullets).

Isn't this ring divine? I do have a hard time feeling comfortable wearing rings now that I am married. It seems a bit flashy to have a diamond ring and bauble like this on at the same time. But a lot of people do it so maybe I am just being ridiculous.

I have been obsessed with initials. I love how dainty this necklace is.

This necklace is so simple but very pretty. It would be easy to wear so many ways. It can be paired with others for a layering effect or worn alone.

This necklace had layering built in.

Fashion faux pas you say? Mixing silver and gold has been a large area of debate, much like wearing black and brown (which I don't). But I fully support this mixed metal find.

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