What's In My Purse

I really like the posts that show what someone carries in their purse.  I decided today I would show you what is in my purse.

1. Now that it is summer I bring my Cole Haan shades with me everywhere. You can find great deals on Cole Haan sunglasses here.

2. Nautical makeup bag. I got this bag from ipsy, back when I was a regular subscriber. Ipsy is a great service if you are really into makeup, but I found I wasn't using the samples as much as I thought I would.

3. Tweezers are a must have.  You never know when you might need them. I use LA CROSS Slant Tip tweezers.

4. La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes I love these wipes for on the go. Sometimes I just cant wait to get my makeup off.

5.  Boiing Eyebright To Go  I just started using this and I love it. One half is concealer and the other is a brightener.

6.  Smashbox Tabloid Not too glittery and a great color for my skin tone.

7. OPI Sephora Cuticle Oil

8. Maybeline Great Lash Mascara It is cheap and works well. I lose my mascara too much to buy a good kind.

9. Ulta Lip Crayon I use Charmer which isn't available anymore.

10. Cover Girl Perfect Blend Eyeliner I prefer elf liner but this is my second choice of liner.

11. Physicians Formula Nude Palette They don't sell my exact palette anymore but they offer similar ones.

12. iPhone 5  I am an Apple junkie. I love love love my iPhone.

13. Coach Wallet This wallet that I've had for years it has just the right compartments. I will be sad when this wears out.

14. Sharpie Pen I love these pens. I have them in all of the colors offered.

15. Day Planner Even though I have an iPhone I need to write down my appointments.

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