Friday Favorites

I know I have fallen of the earth. I have justification. It's called a Judicial Opinion Memorandum. Now I am back just in time to post some of my favorite finds of the week.

I absolutely fell in love with this outfit when I saw it.  It is such a great way to mix prints that looks totally put together. In this picture she is wearing shorts, but I would pair it with black pants to make it office appropriate.

seersucker + saddles

I really need to step up my game when it comes to the accessory department. I really love dangle earrings. These are so fun.

Mordakk Designs

I grew up with a very nice and beautiful bed. The bed my husband has a very practical and unattractive bed frame. I have always wanted a sleigh bed. They are so elegant. They are a pain to move though. As soon as we settle down and buy a house I am getting a sleigh bed. Also the room is so wonderfully put together. I love all of it!

Restoration Hardware Portman Sleigh Bed

I bought some of these noodles and a way to cook them. This looks really good. Instead of beef, I actually bought bison meat. I think it will add a nice flavor and it has less fat.  Also it may be obvious at this point, but I am not eating paleo anymore. My doctor wants me to drastically cut down my meat consumption to only a couple times a week. Limited meat, no carbs, no dairy, equals not many protein options. So I had to call it quits on that.

Yaki Udon
She also wants me to eat more... fish, which I don't really like very much unless it is a spicy tuna roll. She said I should be eating fish TWICE a week. Now I need more fish recipes. Here is one that I might try.

Chili Rubbed Salmon

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