Worst Day of the Week: Cars, Snakes, and Budget Cuts

I try not to post too much about my life on the blog. I never thought my day to day life was interesting enough to share. My boss actually thinks I should share some of my experiences on my blog. Taking her recommendation I have decided to do a new weekly post about the worst day of my week.

Often when we experience bad days, they seem pretty bad in the moment. However, I often find myself laughing at what happened when I look back. Hopefully that will be the case with this week's worst day.

 It started as a typical Tuesday morning. I woke up and prepared for work. Got in the car and it wouldn't start. Great. The new car battery was in the car. Unfortunately  the battery being in the trunk, does not make the car go. 

Having no car meant I would have to walk to the bus stop. If the bus stop was close this would not be a problem. The one mile walk combined with a sore foot meant I had to hobble as fast as I could. Well as I was hobbling, I almost stepped on a snake!

 I had to take some time to assess the situation.  It wasn't a large snake, but it still had teeth. The left side of the sidewalk is where the snakes head was at. The right side of the sidewalk was lined with a hedge. I could go a different way but I would lose time. What to do? I threw a stick at the snake. Did he decide to slither on? No. He just looked at me like I was the problem!  Hobble foot Holly had to do a run and jump over the snake.  Needless to say I missed the bus.

The bad day does not end there. I was late to work, which is not the biggest problem in the world. I explained the situation to my boss, which led to the conversation that I should post these stories online.

 Then the axe came down. My boss put on her serious face. The budget for our department was cut.Not a small cut. Slashed would be more appropriate. I can keep my job for a few more months, but my monthly income will cut in half. And come Christmas, I won't have a job at all. At least I know it is coming.

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