Day 2 Kure Juice Cleanse

This is a continuation of the Kure Juice cleanse that I started yesterday.

Last night I was so super tired that I went to bed before 10pm. I usually stay up until midnight because I am night owl, so before 10pm is a huge deal. I slept pretty good though.

Because I am such a baby, I have tried to devise ways to make the cleanse more enjoyable without cheating. I just don't want to drink celery juice three times a day. Even twice was hard enough.


Yerba Mate: They provided it with the cleanse. I've been nursing a tall cup of it for about an hour and a half. I am supposed to be drinking it three times a day. It doesn't taste bad, I've just been too busy to think about it.


Something to Write Home About: My favorite of the juices. Again sad that I only get it once a day.  It makes sense because this probably has the most sugar in all of the juices.

It is 12:22pm and this is my first juice. I am tired for sure. I told an office mate that I would never sign up for this again. Maybe I will change my mind by the end, we will see.

It is 2:09 and I have just  finished my first juice. 


More tea.


It is 8:20 and I have opened but not started my drink. 8:40 drink finished.


The best part of the day! I am having this at 10pm. The Yerba Mate has kept me up much later than yesterday.

Day 2 Overall:

 Today was better because I drank less of them. No headaches today. The tea really helped.

Check out Day One if you missed it or read about my last day of the cleanse here.

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