Hospital Bag: What I Packed and What I Really Used

I was shopping at the mall by myself and I thought I was going into labor. I was freaking out wondering if I could make it out of the mall. I wasn't ready. It wasn't time. I hadn't packed my hospital bag yet.

I had been thinking about packing my hospital bag for sometime. I just hadn't gotten around to it. Plus it was hard to know exactly what I needed. Searching online for ideas lead me to lists that seemed outrageous. I was having a baby not going on vacation for two weeks. One blog I visited, the blogger packed three bags!

Thankfully, my baby was not born outside The Cheesecake Factory on a mall bench.

I decided I was going to pack one bag (not three) with a combination of things that my friends suggested.

I packed:
My husbands large robe
Several pairs of large cotton briefs
Heavy duty pads
Travel size shampoo and conditioner 
Cottonelle wipes 
Phone charger 
Chicken salad cups
Travel makeup bag
Flip flops 
Fuzzy socks
Tank top
Baggy gym shorts
One blouse 
Two nursing bras

The check marks show what I actually used.

What I wished I Packed:
Large towel
Face towel
Face wash
Body pillow

My delivery was actually scheduled and they tried to induce labor. Unfortunately, I ended up having a c-section. I had to stay in the hospital for several days but because I couldn't do much I used less of the items packed in my bag. Even if I had a natural birth, I don't think I would have used all of that stuff anyway.

After delivery, I was tethered to the hospital bed. I lived in my hospital gown for the entire week. So no need for the robe or any of the clothes I brought. I also wasn't able to shower for a couple of days. Once I was able to shower, I wished I had brought my own towels.The ones the hospital provided were pretty small. I didn't wear the fuzzy socks either. My legs had plastic squeezers on them working to circulate my blood so I wouldn't get blood clots. They were very warm and made me sweaty. No need for socks. The hospital provided me with very large pads and "underwear" which I greatly appreciated.

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