My Favorite Products for Newborns

When I found out I was having a baby, I started doing a ton of reading on everything baby. I read about strollers, and car seats, baby bottles, pacifiers...

I also bought a lot of stuff. Way too much in fact. Some of my purchases were misses, but I did manage to find a baby products I couldn't live without.

1. Dr. Brown's Bottles 

I wish I had found these bottles earlier. I was using a different brand that was supposed to be more natural feeling, but the nipple kept collapsing. These bottles, while they have more parts, work like a vacuum to reduce air bubbles. I really think they help with gas. Dr. Brown also offers several different nipples with different flow rates. While my baby doesn't use a pacifier often, I also use Dr. Brown PreVent Pacifiers.

Dr. Brown's Bottles

2.  Carter's Swaddle Blankets 

I found that a lot of swaddle blankets are not very big. With my son being 20 inches long at birth, short swaddle blankets did not cut it. These Carter's Swaddle Blankets are my favorite. They are large and have a bit of stretch to them. They make it super easy to make a perfect swaddle. 

Carter's Swaddle Blankets 

3.  Angelcare AC420 Monitor

Monitors are super fancy now. They sell monitors now that show video. Some even allow you to view the video from your smart phone. Living in a small apartment where the nursery is easy to get to, I didn't see the need to spend hundreds of dollars on a video monitor. Maybe if your baby's nursery is on a different floor there would be a need. This monitor has a night light and a thermometer.  I like being able to know how warm or cold the nursery is so I can adjust the heat or open a window if needed. 

Angelcare AC420 Monitor

4. Enfamil Premium Newborn Infant Formula Nursettes

This isn't the kind of formula I use for every feeding, but it is my go to when traveling. At one month old, I try not to go to many places with him, but when I do I want feeding to be easy. I keep several of these in his bag for just in case he needs to eat. They are super convenient because there is no mixing and they don't have to be refrigerated. 

Enfamil Infant Formula Nursettes

5. Sound Machine

Putting my little one to bed is difficult. Like his mom, he is a night owl. I am working on getting him used to a bedtime routine. Our favorite sound is the ocean followed by the rain. The sound machine we bought has a timer or can play continuously.

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