Dia And Co Plus Size Styling Review

Dia and Co Plus Size Styling Review

A couple of months ago I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an ad for Dia and Co. Typically, I just scroll right past ads on Facebook, but this one caught my eye. The picture was of a curvy lady wearing a pink tutu skirt and a striped shirt. Very cute, in my opinion. I decided to find out more and went to their website.

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Dia and Co is a styling service. Think Stitch Fix, but for plus sizes. When you start they have you fill out a questionnaire about your body type, sizes, and style. I was able to tell them the type of clothes I like and how much I am willing to spend on each type of clothing item. I also shared what I didn't like. How awesome is that?

The stylist then uses the information you provide them to create a box for you. You can choose to include accessories like purses, jewelry, and scarves too. Once they pick out your items and mail them to you, your credit card on file is charged $20. Once you receive your box, you have five days to decide which items to keep and which to send back. If you decide to keep a piece, your $20 styling fee is credited toward your purchase. If you do not keep an item, you do forfeit the $20 credit to your purchase. I don't have a problem with that because my stylist is taking time to put together a box. We all know time equals money.

In the past, I tried renting clothes from Gwynnie Bee, but that didn't work out as I expected. You can read my review of Gwynnie Bee here.  I am hopeful that I will enjoy this service where they pick out clothes tailored to my style.  All of the Dia and Co review videos on YouTube had me pretty hopeful I would get some good stuff.

First Box:

Strips and Chevron Infinity Scarf $30 (I couldn't find a good picture of this and I already sent it back)

KIYONNA Asymmetrical Skirt $68

Review:  I would never wear this skirt in a million years. The shape, fit, pattern, and color are just not my style.

Striped Asymeetrical Skirt
Image from KIYONNA

Worthington 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan $48

Review: I loved the color and style of this cardigan. However, the material was too thin for the price.

Green 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan
Image from JCPenney

Alice and You Kimono Sleeve Top $40

Review: I loved the details of the shirt. Sadly, this shirt was too small and too short.

White Kimono Sleeve Top Dia and Co Review
Image from Asos

Taylor Mixed Print Fit N Flare Dress $148

Review: I wanted to love this dress. The style is very me. The flare part of the dress just hit me at the wrong part of my body and was very unflattering.

Mixed Print Dress Dia and OC Review
Image from Nordstrom Rack

I didn't end up keeping anything. Overall, the first box was just okay. I let my stylist know that I was looking for more tops and dresses. I also provided feedback on what I liked and did not like about each item. I am excited to see how the stylist uses my feedback for my next box.

Second Box:

Modamix Moto Jacket $149

Review: I really love the color of this jacket and the fit. However the style is too edgy for me. I don't see myself wearing a moto jacket anytime soon.

Modamix Sequins Tank $69

Review: This tank is a beautiful color, but it washes me out. The cut of this shirt and the embellishments make this shirt look cheap.

Swak Faux Wrap Top $49.90

Review: Super cute top. Material is very stretchy and too tight for my liking. It technically fit but I felt like I was wearing shape wear.

Yours Clothing Wrap Dress with Embellishment $69

Review: Loved the color and the fit. The embellishment just doesn't look that good. The bling aspect also makes the dress not casual enough for everyday wear.

Swak Patterned Circle Dress $64.90

Review: The skirt I received was a bit longer than the one pictured. the length and cut of the skirt was great. Orange, pink, and black? Not my kind of color combination.

Again, I didn't end up keeping anything. It seems like they went farther away from my style when picking out items to send me. The first box, while not great, was a better fit for my personal style. This box seemed like it was picked out for somebody else. I'm going to give Dia and Co one last chance. I'm hoping that after receiving feedback on two different boxes, they will get closer to my style.

*Another thing to note is that this service uses USPS for delivery and return. Living in an apartment complex makes this less than ideal, but still doable for me. I'd prefer UPS or FedEx where the item is delivered to my door rather than to the office of my apartment building.

Update May 1, 2016

Dia and Co contacted me about  my review.  They really want to go the extra mile to make sure I love my next Dia and Co box.  I really appreciate that they want me to love their service.  I'll update this post again when I decide to have another box sent. 

Update October 3, 2016

I received another box today. Unfortunately, I sent everything back. I feel like they must be working with a limited number of brands and retailers. I received a black tank from Eloquii, a chambray top from Slink Jeans, bootcut jeans from Slink Jeans (similar), a Tua dress, and a top from Eunishop (similar). 

I really loved the chambray top but the fit was wrong, I liked the jeans but the length was off, the dress was pretty but too snug. The top from Eloquii was made of a terrible material but was an okay style. The Eunishop top was too short and the colors too bright. 

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