Best Places To Buy Clothes For Your Little One

I used to really love shopping for myself. Now that I have a child, I love shopping for him.  I try my best to keep him looking super cute, without breaking the bank. I am willing to pay a bit more fore better quality items that will last longer, but my kid also isn't wearing designer threads. When I decide where to shop, I pick places that have good sales, good quality, and a large selection.

best places to buy childrens clothes


I shop here on occasion. I take my little one to Gymboree classes, so we often get given Gym Bucks. I get $25 off a purchase of $50. That is a big discount.  Gymboree also has really good sales. They periodically offer large discounts on the entire store.  The selection at my store isn't large so I only shop here when I have a coupon or there is a sale. I never pay full price for anything at this store.

Old Navy

I like to get basics at Old Navy. Things that I know my child is going to wear around the house or out to the park. My little boy wears the super soft jersey pants everyday. He has multiple pairs in blue and gray. I also like to get t-shirts here. They are better quality than other cheaper alternatives. When there is a sale, I can get them for around $3 each. You can't beat that anywhere.


I have Gap and Gap Outlet close to wear I live. I really love all of the clothes here. They always have a deeply discounted sales rack. Plus, I always stock up when they have their 40% off sale. I like to buy super cute pajamas, dress shirts, and the occasional casual shirt. I just stocked up last week. I got a load of clothes for 40% off and I earned $25 in Gap Cash. 

I recently went on a shopping spree for the boys. I brought home all of these cute finds. 

While I don't have a girl, I find they always have so many more options than boys. Aren't these just adorable?
Where are your favorite places to get children's clothes. Do you have any tips or tricks on how to save even more at children's retailers?

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