Look Five Years Younger With These Products

When I was younger, I always wanted to look older. I had such a baby face. Now that I am over 30, I am so glad to look younger than my actual age. Most people are genuinely shocked when I tell them my age. I can attribute a lot of my youthfulness to genetics. My fathers side of the family has always looked particularly youthful. While genetics help, they  are not the only thing that keeps my skin looking so young. To keep my skin looking 27 instead of 30+, I use a variety of products and avoid lifestyle choices that age me.

In case you need a refresher, there are certain things you should avoid in order to look youthful.

Prolonged exposure to sun light and artificial light:  

Besides causing skin cancer, prolonged exposure to light cause wrinkles and leathery skin. If you want to be tan,  get a spray tan or use an at home tanning product. 


There is an entire field devoted to how stress and other psychological factors can effect your skin. Stress can cause acne, hives, eczema, and a variety of other skin conditions. If you are interested in learning more or if you are skeptical,  just google psyhchodermatalogy.

Lack of sleep:

Dr. Elam Baron, director of the Skin Study Center at University Hospitals, said that "Sleep-deprived women show signs of premature skin aging  and a decrease in their skin's ability to recover after sun exposure."

 You can read more about the outcome of her study here.


Alcoholic beverages dehydrate your body and make it harder for you to absorb water.  This dehydration leads to yucky looking skin the next day. Imagine what it will do after years of drinking! Alcohol is also known to make the skin flushed and red. Those suffering from rosacea often find their symptoms worse after drinking.


When you run into a person that has smoked their entire lives, you can tell. They have a smokers chin with a ton of wrinkles. Smoking can also lead to wrinkling faster because the chemicals in cigarettes break down the skin.  Smoking also stains your teeth. Not a good look.


Cocaine, meth, heroin, and oxycodone are just a few examples of drugs that can have terrible affects on your skin.  Inflamed nostrils, facial sores, scabs, and flushed skin will all age you fast. 

Now back to the fun part.

As I mentioned, I don't rely on genetics to look young. I am a firm believer in using products to help in the process. I believe you get what you pay for when it comes to skin care products.  All of the products below, are ones that I have personally tried and would recommend without hesitation.

Look Five Years Younger With These Products 

Exfoliating Products:

I don't exfoliate everyday.  On average I probably use my Clarisonic Mia a couple times a week. When I do use it, I use the sensitive brush with a gentle exfoliating wash. If I exfoliate more often, my skin gets angry, red, and blotchy. Only you will be able to tell how often you can exfoliate. 

Serums and Treatments:

Everyday I use a serum before my moisturizer.  Because I am trying to reduce redness and even my skin tone, I gravitate toward those types of serums. This Caudalie serum is my current favorite. It isn't overly expensive and a little goes a long way. In the past, I have used powder treatments that you mix in with your moisturizer as well. 

Eye cream:

The eyes are one of the first places to wrinkle as you get older. One reason why I look younger is because I have very few wrinkles around my eyes. I actually use a couple of different eye creams. Sometimes, I use one specifically to brighten, but I mostly use an anti-aging eye cream.


To be honest, I don't always use one everyday. When I do use a moisturizer, the one I use varies greatly. I keep an anti-redness moisturizer, a light moisturizer, and a moisturizer with SPF.  I use whichever I think my skin needs the most. Lately my skin has been more oily then normal, so I have been skipping the moisturizer or using a really light one.

Night cream:

I have just started using a special night cream.  I have been testing out a couple of different options, but have found this one to be my favorite. My skin tends to fluctuate between dry and greasy depending on the season. I might switch to a heavier night cream once it is winter again.

Please note that the included links are affiliate links. I do make a small commission if you make a purchase, but there is no added cost to you.  Again, these products were selected by me, and I would recommend them even without the added bonus of a commission.

I'd love to hear what products you use to look younger. Or feel free to share your own thoughts on any of the products that I have chosen.

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