Stay On Task With These Top Organizing Tips

I am the kind of person that would lose their head if it wasn't attached. That being said, being organized is hard for me. Because I value my time and my sanity, I work extra hard to try and stay organized throughout the week.

Here are my secret tips for staying organized during the week.

1. Make a weekly chore schedule

Growing up my mother had Saturday morning scheduled as cleaning day. All of us were given chores that we had to get finished before we were allowed to do anything else that day.  Honestly it felt like by the time chores were completed there wasn't any Saturday left.

When I worked, having a weekend cleaning day seemed like the only option. Now I have realized that is is much easier to do a little bit of cleaning everyday then to have one giant no fun cleaning day every weekend.

I went through and made a list of every chore that needs to be done. Then I assigned certain tasks or groups of tasks to a day of the week. For example on Mondays I do a cleaning of the kitchen and Tuesdays I clean the bathrooms. And so on. I do each task on the same day of the week, every week.

By breaking the chores down, I am not overwhelmed by the work. I also know what I need to do everyday. I don't even have to look at my notepad to know that Fridays are for errands and grocery shopping. I've done it enough times that I just know I need to to do it.

After writing down my standard weekly schedule, I add in special chores to the schedule as needed.

I use a small little notepad that I found in the Target One Spot.

2. Plan out dinner for the week

I already talked about how I feel about meal planning in my post about cutting your grocery budget.   I keep the list on the refrigerator so I cannot miss it. Before making an actual list and keeping it on the refrigerator, I would often forget to thaw the meat out and then I'd be in a panic trying to figure out what to do about dinner.

While I am not particularly crazy about the color, I love the functionality of this meal planning notepad. I was more than willing to pay full price for this what to eat notepad, but you don't have to because it is currently on sale! Get the Friends and Family Discount by signing up for an Explorer account and using code: FFWorld.

3. Keep a family calendar

Between my husbands work engagements and a ton of doctor appointment between us all, it is very important to keep a family calendar.

We currently use the iCloud calendar to keep our appointments straight.

My husband and I can see all of our appointments.  This helps me to know if I should expect my husband for dinner or if he has a work dinner.  He can also see if I have a doctors appointment or if our son does.  If he thinks I need help, he can schedule time off or work a half day to help me with appointments.

4. An additional notepad on the refrigerator

I make sure I have an extra notepad around for just in case. I use it to write down notes for a phone call if needed. But most often I use it to write down things we need from the store.

I also use a notepad that I found in the Target One Spot.

I plan on refilling my stock at Target One Spot if they continue to have cute stationary available. I do have my eye on some pretty picks, just in case Target quits stocking cute notepads.

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