Spring Clothes Under $100 To Buy Now

Right now it is still a bit cool in the Portland area.  As usual it is a bit windy and rainy. It is hard to think of it already being Spring. Right now there are some really great sales and great Spring fashion finds that you have to by now, while they are still available.

Spring and Summer Clothes Under $100

Regular Sizes 

I have put together a selection of Spring fashion finds that are too good to miss. With all of them under $100, they wont break the bank either.

I am really loving the soft feminine details that I  am seeing in  a lot of this seasons clothes. While I trend toward black and other dark tones, I am really liking a softer color palette right now.

Plus Size

Right now I am on the larger side of the clothing sizes. Being larger and pregnant, I have been relegated to shopping in the plus size section. The clothing selection is nothing like what is available in regular sizes. Finding cute clothes when on a budget as a plus size person is a lot harder.

I've been trying not to buy large clothes since I am hoping to get back to my pre plus size self after having the baby. Last time, I lost 30 pounds right after having the baby. Fingers crossed.

Whatever reason some of us have for needing plus sized clothes, we still want to look well dressed. Here I put together a few plus sized finds to add to your wardrobe this spring.

Multiple Seasons

I really like that some of these picks can be worn for multiple seasons. I am all about a multitasking wardrobe. In the PNW, Spring can be cold, so I'll often be found wearing cropped pants, a spring top, and a lightweight scarf. Summers here lately have been hotter than usual. When the temperatures go up, I trade my crops and lightweight scarves for a nice pair of shorts. I really love linen shorts in the summer. Nice and cool. In the fall, I'll pair some summer tops and dresses with a cardigan and flats. 

How about you? Do you buy clothes that work for multiple seasons? Where do you like to buy your spring and summer clothes?

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