Sippy Cup Roundup and Review

My little boy is currently 17 months old. It seems he is always getting into everything, making tons of messes, and helping me practice my patience.  Of all the projectiles in the house, he loves throwing his sippy cups. I'm working on curbing this practice but it is going to be a process.

Sippy Cup Reviews

My boy has chucked a good number of sippy cups of all varieties. I have been buying different cups for him on the search for the perfect cup. I am still looking, but thought I would share with you the different cups we have tried.
Munchkin Spoutless Sippy Cup

I really love these Munchkin Spoutless Sippy Cups. They are really great at teaching your child how to drink from a glass. The only drawback is that if he lifts the rubber seal on the top of the cup, his milk will pour out. 

Take and Toss Cups
I saw a lot of recommendations for these Take and Toss Cups so I decided to give them a try.  I am glad they were cheap because for me they were a major miss. These might be good for an older kid or maybe a better behaved kid than my little boy. I handed him the cup and in five seconds he had pulled the straw out and the lid off. Mess everywhere. 

Munchkin Click Lock Straw Cup
My kiddy absolutely loves these  Munchkin Click Lock Straw Cups. They do leak a tiny bit if he turns them upside down and shakes them, which he has started doing recently. The thing I like the least about these cups is washing them. The straw is a real pain to get clean. I made the mistake of pulling the top straw out to clean it but then couldn't get it back in.

Insulated Straw Cups

These The First Years Insulated Straw Cup don't have the best reviews, but I love this cup for morning smoothies. The straw is thick enough that he can drink smoothies no problem, however I wouldn't use this cup for milk or juice because it would probably leak out.  I haven't tried anything but smoothies in this cup so I don't know that for sure.

Gerber Graduates Advanced Sippy Cups

These Gerber Graduates Advanced Sippy Cups are my current favorite. We haven't had any problems with them leaking. This cup gets used for juice and milk. They don't have too many parts and are easy to clean.

Have you had any experience with any of these sippy cups? Do you have any suggestions for sippy cups that work well? Please feel free to share your favorite toddler items, I am always on the lookout for the best products for my little ones.

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