May Beauty Review

I am so excited to bring you the first post of my new monthly feature! Every month, I will be posting reviews of beauty and makeup products I have tried. I know I always look for reviews on products before I decide to buy. Now I want to be a resource for you!

Root Cover Up

I found this when I was looking for a way to color my hair less since I am pregnant. I know that technically coloring your hair while pregnant is safe. I, however, do not have the ability to sit in a salon chair for hours getting my hair cut and colored. For those of you non pregos, a root cover up can help you go a bit longer before needing to color.

I found that I had a hard time washing it off of my hands, so it is important not to try to apply this product as your company walks into your house. I also have a bit of gray hair that needs covering. I know, sad face. This product will help blend them, but I couldn't get it to hide them completely. Once applied, it lasted until I showered in the morning.

Pros: Blends easily, lasts a long time, comes in several colors
Cons: Hard to wash off hands, doesn't provide complete coverage of gray hair

Perfect Hair Day Overnight Perfector

I have been wearing my signature messy bun everyday for for the last six months. Sometimes the hair goes straight up after the shower without being dried. This paired with the fact that it has been too long since I went for a hair cut, has made my hair very damaged.  If you are like me and abuse your hair often, you might want to try this product.

The sample I received said I could put the product in dry or damp hair.  The first night I tried applying the cream to dry hair. When I woke up, I had some very obvious product buildup. The second time I used the product, I decided to slightly dampen but not soak my hair before applying. I applied the product and then combed my hair. Much better results. 

Pros: Smells great, softens hair without weighing it down
Cons: Doesn't work as well on dry hair

BareSkin Pure Brightening Foundation

I decided to try this foundation after I fell in love with the serum concealer.  Typically, I don't wear a lot of makeup. If I do, I typically turn to my Clinique BB or CC cream. I don't actually have a foundation in my collection that provides more coverage. If you want more coverage but want your foundation to be lightweight, then a serum foundation is your answer.

I have pretty light skin and found the Bare Linen to be the perfect shade for me. There are tons of shades, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a match. I found that I didn't have to use very much to get good coverage. I would recommend this product for people with dry to normal skin.

Pros: Comes in many shades, easy to apply
Cons: Might be too oily for some people

Full Potential Shampoo and Conditioner

I received a sample of both the shampoo and conditioner in the mail some time ago. I was getting down to the bottom of my favorite shampoo for brunettes, when I decided to give Full Potential a try. This shampoo is meant to give full body to your hair, remove buildup, and reduce hair loss.

I only received a big enough sample to use the shampoo and conditioner once. I was immediately hit by the very strong smell. It has a very strong herbal scent. I would not say it is unpleasant, but if you are sensitive to strong scents, you might want to avoid this product. My hair typically doesn't retain the scent of the products I use for very long. However, with this product, there was still a subtle smell by the end of the day. I didn't see any improved fullness in my hair with one use.

Pros: Cleaned hair well
Cons: Strong scent, no difference in fullness with one use

Hydra Life Jelly Sleeping Mask

I received a small one sample of this sleep mask with another beauty purchase. This lightweight product is meant to be put on at night before bed. It uses mallow to calm and hydrate all skin types.

I was a bit apprehensive about putting a jelly on my face. I was worried that the product would be thick or somewhat sticky, like an actual jelly. However, this product is just as it says, lightweight. It had a soft and pleasant scent when applied. After applying,  the product felt great right away. In the morning, my skin looked and felt even better after just one use. 

Pros: Nice scent, absorbs well, no residue, visibly improved skin in one day
Cons: Might not hydrate enough if skin is very dry

May Beauty Review Conclusion
Of all the products that I tried, the Dior Jelly Sleeping Mask was my absolute favorite. I know that it is a very hot product right now as it has been featured in several magazines lately. Due to it's popularity, it is selling fast.

My least favorite product was the Full Potential Shampoo. I really love the Aveda shampoo that I currently use. It would take a very awesome shampoo at a comparable price to get me to change.

Are there any beauty products that you really want to try? Or do you stick to your tried and true favorites? Want to shop my May Beauty Review picks? Just click on the picture bellow.

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