My May Shopping Guide

With a baby on the way I am buying a lot of new things like clothes and decor items for the boys' room. I am also needing a few things for myself, including clothes and shoes.I am trying to hold off on buying too much since the baby will be here in a few weeks.  But the clothing situation is so bad that I've been known to wear the same shirt more than once in a week. I even wore a shirt with a coffee spot on it to take Carter to Gymboree. Not intentionally, but I didn't notice until we were halfway there!

In my quest of not looking like a complete slob, I've rounded up a few things that I am really loving this month.

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that reads this blog that I have a love of expensive handbags and accessories. This gold wristlet (1) has just the right amount of sparkle to not look over the top. The same goes with these simple metallic sandals (2). While not exactly necessary, I would love to add some more sophisticated jewelry to my collection. I think these round stud earrings (3) would do just the trick. I'm doing a review of this sleeping mask (4) for this month's Beauty Review. Gingham is having a major moment right now. This cute green gingham top is available in sizes XS to 4X, making it a shirt that anyone can add to their closet!

Click on the above links to purchase my picks for yourself!

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