Why I Returned My Double Stroller

When I think of middle class suburban mothers, I get some very specific images in my mind. In my neighborhood, I often see women pushing their strollers while walking around the art loop in town. I see the fancy strollers, the perfectly behaved kids, and mother that looks like she couldn't have just had a baby. Needless to say, I dream of being that kind of mother.

Why I Returned My Double Stroller

On my quest to be the perfect mother of two, I decided I needed to get a double stroller. I did my research. I talked to other moms. I went to the store and tested endless strollers. I ended up purchasing a very nice, but rather expensive double stroller. Purchasing it made me feel like I was one step closer to being able to join the cool mom club.

I ended up purchasing the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller. If you are in the market for a double stroller and have the money to spend, this is the stroller I would recommend without reservation. It isn't too heavy, fits through most doors, and is easier to fold than other double strollers. 

Now you are probably wondering why I returned this wonderful stroller.  Honestly, I had several reasons for decided not to own a double stroller.

Frequency of Use

First, I thought about how often I use the stroller we have now.  Last summer, I used it a bit to walk around the neighborhood. Then it got really unusually hot here. That was the end of the walks. Then the next thing I knew it was rainy season. Besides going on walks,  I would use the stroller at the mall a couple times a year.

Oldest Growing Up Fast

Second, I thought about the likelihood that my oldest would need to be in a stroller. My first baby starting walking when he was 9 months old! At 18 months old now, he is pretty much a pro at the whole walking thing. He isn't mature enough to stay by me and sometimes he decides just to sit down. It is moments like those that make me think I need to use the stroller. But my strong-willed boy likes being contained even less. From the second you put him in the stroller, he is trying to figure a way out!

Baby Wearing Goals

Third, I thought about the little one that will be arriving. I am really wanting to try baby wearing more. I had a terrible baby carrier that was like rocket science trying to figure out. It was too much trouble getting the carrier on and the baby in. This time, I want to invest in a better carrier. If I use the baby carrier, then I will only need the single stroller that we already have. I have my eye on a the baby carrier brand, but haven't decided on which model or pattern I want.

While I do feel a little less like the perfect suburban mom for returning my double stroller, I really think it was the best decision for our family. For families with twins, siblings closer in age, or children that are better about being in the stroller than mine, a double stroller might be perfect for you.