Neutral Picks For The Home

This month I am really focused on making a pretty home. Getting our family space to be cozy but practical has been a work in progress. We recently bought a new sofa that is the focal point of the family room. I am also in the process of finishing the boys' room, which I will be revealing on the blog later this month.

This month's shopping guide is all about the home. 

I love neutrals as the base for a home as you can see from my selections. If I want to throw in a pop of color, which isn't often, I do it through small accessories or with flowers.

My new sofa came with throw pillows, but I am not crazy about the pattern on them. I also need new throw pillows for the other chairs in the family room. Here are a couple of throw pillows that I am really liking Threshold Geo Patchwork Pillow (1) and Threshold Chenille Lumbar Pillow (2). I also like this Pom Pom Pillow and this Averie Pillow.

Having a toddler means things get broken. Sadly, my little one has broken one of my favorite vases for flowers.  I have a very nice crystal vase tucked away for when the kids get big enough not to break things. Because I don't want to go without flowers for the next 5 years, I would like to get another vase that looks nice isn't overly expensive. This Arlene Vase (3) is one option that I have had my eye on. I also love these Alice Cut Glass Vases.

I always have a hard time picking out curtains. The ones I tend to love the most, are always really expensive. These Nate Berkus Woven Curtains (4) are a great price without looking like they are cheap. If I had a large budget, I'd really love to buy these Florentine Curtains or these Washed Velvet Curtains.

Do any of you love neutrals for the home? Is there a particular room you are working on? I'd love to hear about your current decorating projects.

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