Stuff For The Kids: What I'm Wanting Now

Baby 2.0 is scheduled to arrive on July 1! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. Even though he will be arriving in less than a month, the boys' room is not yet ready for his arrival! I have tons of boxes and packages of things that I need to go through, but I still have a few more purchases to make.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen sneak peek of a couple of things going into the room. I also posted a little bit about the room in my May Life Lately post.

My oldest has a Jellycat Bunny that is just too cute for words. I decided that I just had to get my youngest his very own (1) Jellycat Woodland Fox. These animals are just so soft that I want to cuddle up with it too!

I know that I said a baby carrier was one of my worst baby product purchases, but I've heard great things about this (2) baby carrier that I want to give it a try. Also since I returned my double stroller, I have to find a way to carry baby around.

I have a ton of swaddle blankets that I love, but I bought them for a baby born in the winter. It has been really hot the past couple of summer here, so I wanted to get some lighter swaddle blankets. How cute are these (3) muslin swaddle blankets? They come in a variety of prints that are sure to match whatever theme you have picked for your little's room.

Newborns don't need video monitors, but toddlers do! My toddler can sneak out of his crib and make a mess out of the room without making a peep. I don't want to open the door during nap time to make sure he is still sleeping, but I want to make sure he isn't getting in trouble. This video baby monitor is one of the top rated options available.

I love to have a good throw blanket for impromptu snuggles. This (4) throw from Target looks perfect for snuggling.  I am also liking this throw from Target too.

Stay tuned for the boys' room reveal later this month. I'm loving the direction the room is going in and hope you do too!

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