July Goals

I can't believe it is July already! I've decided to try a new feature post. Every month, I will be posting goals for myself and for the blog. While I wish I could take credit for this idea, I got the idea from My So-Called Chaos.

Home Goals

  • Finish decorating the boys' room
  • Get additional shelving for kitchen
  • Take donations to Goodwill

Blog Goals

  • Reach 3,000 monthly page views 
  • Update 5 old posts 
  • Publish at least 8 posts 

Social Media Goals

Personal Goals

  • Try a new fitness class 
  • Do morning yoga 3 times a week
  • Update resume

I'm a little bit nervous about posting goals, especially if I don't make them. Do you have any goals for the month? Looking for some more goal ideas? Check out this goals linky party.

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