July: Life Lately


So for some reason I didn't think about how hard it is to have two kids under the age of two. At this point someone is crying, hungry, or needs a change all the time. Today both of them woke up from their nap, were grumpy crying, and were hungry. Fun times. Right now I have help, but my mother leaves to go back home tomorrow. My husband has paternity leave at work so he will be home but I'm not exactly sure how much help that will be. 

Between the feedings, diaper changes, and my being absolutely exhausted, I still have not finished the boys' room. Progress has come to a halt. 


I have been very lucky to have my mother at my house for an extended stay to help with the children. She has been so helpful with the baby but also with the toddler that has been having some behavior issues. She has also helped me with decorating the boys' room. None of it would have gotten done if it wasn't for her.


Some people think that having children makes a marriage stronger. Having gone through this twice, I can tell you that this isn't true. Having a a newborn and a toddler is a strain on our relationship. Lack of sleep, different ideas on how to take care of the children, and figuring out who is going to change the 10 millionth dirty diaper for the day does not bring a husband and wife closer together.  This next month of being together while he is on leave is going to be difficult for us both. I am already trying to figure out how I can remind my husband why he married me as opposed to him wishing he hadn't. 

Blog and Social Media 

I won't talk to much about this as I will be recapping my goals and setting new ones in my August Goals post. 

The hardest part is actually having time to come up with blog and social media posts. My life is pretty much 24/7 being a mom right now.  Any spare time,  I sleep.  

I was pretty disappointed by how my much mom hates that I blog. She was very vocal about it.  She wouldn't be particularly happy to know that I've mentioned her or my children in my blog either. She is pretty much about keeping to herself. She finds blogging to be a bit self-centered. I understand her point. I really do try to not make everything about me all the time.


I honestly haven't had time to do too much planning. I can barely get through the day much less think about the next day. I do hope to take advantage of the summer and get out of the house with my children.

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