August Goals

July Goals Recap

  • Finish decorating the boys' room // This didn't happen. I was recovering from my c-section while trying to take care of two kids. 
  • Get additional shelving for kitchen // I installed some really great wall shelves with pretty brackets.
  • Take donations to Goodwill // Sometimes I have boxes of donations that just sit around waiting for me to take them, but this time I took them right away.
  • Reach 3,000 monthly pageviews // Success! I ended up having just over 3,500 page views this month.
  • Update 5 old posts // I found myself short on time this month so I didn't make this a priority.
  • Publish at least 8 posts // I preplanned my posts for the month so this was an easy goal.
  • Have 250 Instagram followers // I've really stepped up my effort on Instagram and now have about 350 followers. That's 100 over my goal!
  • Increase Pinterest to 750 followers // I feel like Pinterest makes it hard to get new followers but I did meet my goal. I worked hard on Pinterest by joining and creating Pinterest group boards. If you would like to be considered for my Lifestyle Blogger Love or Mommy and Family Blogger Friends send me a request. Directions on how to join the boards are in the board description.
  • Do morning yoga 3 times a week // This did not happen. Hungry babies and toddlers do not wait for mommy to do her morning yoga. 
  • Try a new fitness class // Recovery from my c-section took longer than I thought. Plus I had minimal time for these kinds of activities. 
  • Update resume // This is a wash since I have decided I am not ready to go back to work

August Goals

This month I am focusing on self-care. My husband has paternity leave until the end of the month, so I plan on taking advantage of the fact that someone else can help with the kids. 
  • Finish decorating the boys' room
  • Make myself a mini office space 
  • Maintain 3,000 pageviews 
  • Increase Instagram followers to 500
  • Go for walk with all of my boys once a week
  • Have me time once a week

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