August Recap and Favorites


Here are the top three posts for the month of August. Check them out if you missed them.

How My Second C-Section Changed My Life | The birth of my second child was a life changing experience
A Beginners Guide To Self Care | Learn about the components of self care
Get Fit Shopping Guide | My top picks for athletic gear


Being a parent is a large part of my life, so I love finding great posts on kiddos and parenting.

The Question No Stay At Home Mom Wants To Be Asked from Servant Mama |  I get asked this all the time. It doesn't make it any easier since I am conflicted about being a SAHM.

Being A Stay At Home Mom Is Not A Death Sentence from Healing Mama Remedies | I love being with my kids but worry that it may be end of the career I never started.

The Parent Picked Last from The Everyday Mom Life | My oldest is always excited to see daddy and not me.

I found some new favorite recipes while I was on Whole30.

Super Porktastic Bacon Topped Spinach and Mushroom Meatloaf from Nom Nom Paleo
Big O Bacon Burgers from Nom Nom Paleo

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