September Life Lately

I can't believe it is September already. While most people feel that Spring is the season of renewal, I feel that Fall is that season for me. The thought of the holidays, school starting, and the lovely PNW weather is just my thing. In the spirit of my renewal season, I am going to spice up this month's Life Lately.


I haven't really read a book since the birth of my oldest, who is now 21 months. Yes, I've gone almost two years without reading a book. This month I am determined to get a book read. Because I am struggling a bit with self purpose, I picked up this book at the recommendation of a friend. 


I really don't care for TV too much. Well actually, I don't really care too much for what is on TV these days. Every now and then, I will find something that I really love to watch. I am currently watching Elementary on Hulu and House on Netflix.


During the week, I have music hour with the kiddos. Most of the time, I listen to the Toddler Dance station on Pandora, but sometimes I'll get to pick a station myself. Right now I am pretty obsessed with Of Monsters and Men's Little Talks. Here are a few more songs that I am currently loving.


I finally have a good schedule down for the kiddos so things are going much better. I do have to figure out how I am going to get the toddler and the baby to a doctor appointment next month by myself. That will be fun.

Wifey Life

Things have been really great lately. No complaints here. 

Blog and Social Media

I have really started approaching this blog like a job. I have been working on an editorial calendar for blog and social media posts. It makes it so much easier to have all of my blog posts planned out for the month instead of trying to come up with stuff on the fly. I'm also thinking about changing my blog template again to include larger pictures. Halfway through the month and I am already on track for reaching my blog and social media goals. I have already made my Pinterest goal and I will probably make my Instagram goal in the next week.


I am really excited about decorating for the season, testing new recipes, and going for walks before the rainy season starts. 


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