October Life Lately

The weather in Portland has turned dreary per usual for this time of year. Luckily, I was able to sneak in a trip to the pumpkin patch before the rainy season officially started. Seeing my oldest so entranced by the pumpkins made me wish I could have bought them all. This October has not gone exactly to plan (I really wanted to go to at least two pumpkin patches), but it is still early enough that I might be able to turn this month around.

Of course, this month has been more than pumpkin patches and rainy weather.


As I mentioned last month, I've been really struggling with my sense of self. After reading The Art of Work by Jeff Goins, I have been thinking more and more about being an entrepreneur. Problem is, I'm not sure exactly what that would look like at this point. So I turned to the queen of self reflection, Elizabeth Gilbert, and downloaded a copy of Big Magic. I am going to talk a bit more about the books I am reading in an upcoming post, but I will tell you Big Magic was really good. Now I am reading a Present Over Perfect, which is more for my own spiritual growth.


I haven't been watching much TV. I have been so busy with reading, doing blog stuff, and taking care or the family that I haven't had time for TV. Of course, it does't help that none of the CW shows will be on Hulu anymore. Tears. I have to wait until a week after the end of the season or watch on the CW app. I can't exactly watch a show on my computer and do blog stuff at the same time.


Everyday the boys and I listen to tunes on Pandora. Currently, I have been listening to the 90s Pop station. I really can't wait for the 90s to make a comeback. 


Oh holy cow. I have two kiddos in sleep regressions right now. My oldest is refusing to nap at all and is refusing to sleep at night. He has been staying up in his room until 10:30 and getting up at 7:30. I know he's staying up late because he's not been going to nap on time. Usually nap is around 1:30 but he has been fighting nap until 3:00! Then he conks out from 3:00- 5:00.  Littlest is in the four month sleep regression. He's waking up earlier, napping less, and is waking up at even the slightest noise. Help.

Wifey Life

Things in this department are pretty great. We had out four year anniversary this weekend. We are broke and my husband had to study, but the in-laws took the toddler, so that was nice. A relaxing night of take out, Netflix, and snuggles was what we both really needed.

Blog and Social Media

I published my first traffic and income report! Things are going slow for Feisty Green Polka Dot, but they are steady. Because I want to make a reasonable income from my blog, I have been putting all my spare time into it. I have been reading up on SEO, taking tons of free webinars, and uping my game on social media. I am also working on improving my Pinterest images, updating my Facebook page, and increasing my engagement on Instagram. 


Shh, it's a secret! I have big things planned for the blog. I can't wait until I can share.

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