When Becoming Beautiful Makes You Ugly

This isn't a story about plastic surgery gone wrong or about excess skin from weight loss.

This is a story about someone near and dear to my heart. Someone who wasn't unattractive by any means; but had a love for food, which was made evident by the few extra pounds they were carrying. Their clothes were modest, unassuming and didn't always match.

After implementing a strict diet and a new gym regimen, the weight was melting off. I'll admit, they sure looked good. Along with the new look and the new clothes that accompanied the new body, came something I wasn't expecting.

During what I thought was a lighthearted talk, I had joked that I was starting to look old. They agreed, said I wasn't pretty anymore, and that there was no point in lying to me about it.

I stood aghast trying to control the tears. I was hurt and disappointed all at once. It wasn't just that they told me I wasn't pretty anymore, but that they felt compelled and entitled enough to tell me so. When I expressed that my feelings were hurt, they not only didn't apologize but acted as if I didn't have any right to be upset.

How is it that someone that's so important to you can say something so hurtful with such nonchalance? While we have always had a relationship based on honesty, it was also founded on kindness and a good heart. Unfortunately, the kindness and good heart that drew me to them were discarded like the old clothes that no longer fit their body. 

I have to admit, they were right in some ways. I am older and my looks are not what they once were but they were also wrong.  I am still pretty, on the inside, where it counts.

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