Growing Up With Gerber Cereal

I can remember the birth of my youngest like it was yesterday. I remember cleaning the house, steaming the carpet, and going to Target. My husband was out of the house most of the day, my toddler was staying at my mother-in-laws.  I had planned a good hard day of work for that Saturday. What I hadn't planned on was having my water break that night, an entire month early.

Having a premature baby means we have a lot of catching up to do. I want my little boy to thrive, be smart, and be strong. 

I know that good nutrition can help my littlest one not only catch up with his peers but also surpass them. As my boy ages, he needs more than what formula gives him. He isn't quite old enough for solid food so I turn to Gerber Cereal. I feed him Gerber Cereal so that he can get the iron he needs for his learning development and general growth. Just 2 servings of Gerber Single Grain Cereals provides my little one with 90% of his daily dose of iron.

Just this past Friday, I picked up some Gerber Cereal in the baby section at Target. The Gerber selection at Target is large, so you can't miss it.  The price of the cereal is already really affordable but I saved even more with this offer from Cartwheel. If you shop at Target and don't have Cartwheel you are really missing out on some savings. 

My little one will be eating the Single Grain Cereal Rice just like his big brother and just like his I did when I was a baby. 

We all want our babies to grow up to be smart and health.  Ensure your child is getting the right amount of iron by feeding them Gerber Cereal. Oh, and don't forget your coupon.

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