A November To Remember

October Goals Recap

October went by way too fast. It also had a few bumps in the road. I wish I could have accomplished more but things got really crazy toward the middle of the month. Then I had to pretty much stop everything because the boys and I got really sick.

Home Goals

Go to a pumpkin patch with my boys // We managed to sneak in a trip to the patch. It rains a lot this time of year so we were lucky to get to go at all.
Read 1 book // I actually read several great books this month. I'll be writing about some of my favorites in an upcoming post.
Organize the pantry // I knocked this out in about an hour! Why didn't I do this sooner?
Take maternity clothes to Goodwill // Nope. Still in boxes in the dining room.
Declutter bedroom // I did it but it I also undid it. It was a really lofty goal for the month. 
Add two pieces to my capsule wardrobe // I have added two shirts and a pair of pants. So I'll call it a success. 
Brainstorm income ideas // I've decided that I won't be going to work for someone else. I'm going to be my own boss. I've got some good stuff planned and will share once my business is ready.

Blog Goals

Maintain 5,000 pageviews // Success.
Write 10 blog posts a month // Nope. 
Update 2 blog posts // I updated two posts and updated their Pinterest graphics.
Develop a freebie plan // Plan is developed now I just have to make the freebies.
Buy my own domain // I did it! I feel like such a professional now.
Post 5X a week on Instagram // Not even close. 
Increase Pinterest to 1,500 // I hit this goal but it was very hard. I am trying some new stratagies for growth which I will be sharing with you all later.
Reach 1,000 Twitter followers // I hit this goal, but now I have to figure out how to use Twitter to help promote my blog. 

November Goals

November is a super busy time for my family. It seems like one day it is Halloween and the next day it is Christmas. While I have a ton to do, I also want to make sure that this time of year is enjoyable for everyone. 

Read 2 books
Clean out bedroom closet
Take maternity clothes to Goodwill
Make $25 from Swagbucks
No Junk Food November
Try new workout once a week

Maintain 5,000 pageviews
Write 10 blog posts a month
Update 2 blog posts
Post 3X a week on Instagram
Reach 1,650 Pinterest followers 
Make $100 from Adsense 
Earn $10 from affiliate sales
Limit blogging to 20 hours a week

Do you set goals for the month? What is one thing you are hoping to accomplish in November? Want to read more goals? Check out this link party.

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