October Income and Traffic Report

This month had some major ups and downs. I achieved a lot this month, but  I am bit disappointed because it should have been better.

I was very excited to be able to purchase my own domain, which I did. However, I didn't realize that I would have to reapply for Adsense! I went an entire week without gaining any revenue from my blog, which means I won't be getting a check this month. 

Because I knew I wouldn't be generating income, I took a break from writing and did some major updates to the blog. As you can see I changed the theme. To be honest, I am still not exactly happy with it. Now all of my images don't look right with the current theme. 

Speaking of, I really just need to find something I like for the sake of branding.  I have my colors and I now have a logo. The problem now is the fonts. Because I don't have Adobe Creative Suite on my current computer (it would kill this poor old thing), I've been doing all of my design work in Canva. Naturally the fonts available on Canva and the fonts I can use on the blog do not line up. I want to use the same fonts on all of my social media posts and on my blog. To be cohesive that would mean going back and changing the images on old posts. I am not excited. 

Aside from the redesign, I am also in the process of designing my newsletter with MailChimp. This is a daunting process as I want my newsletter to be perfect!

September Blog Statistics

Unique pageviews: 6,157
Bounce rate: 74.86%
Sessions: 4,236
Users: 3,140

September Social Media Statistics 

Instagram: 1,999
Facebook: 497
Twitter: 984
Pinterest: 1,345

October Blog Statistics

Unique pageviews: 6,740
Bounce rate: 78.75% 
Sessions:  4,809
Users: 3,916

October Social Media Statistics

Instagram: 2,886 (+44%)
Facebook: 689 (+38%)
Twitter: 1,161 (+18%)
Pinterest: 1,600 (+18%)

October Adsense Income: $75.57 (-$94.16)

November Goals

Maintain 5,000 pageviews
Write 10 blog posts a month
Update 2 blog posts
Post 3X a week on Instagram
Reach 1,650 Pinterest followers 
Make $100 from Adsense 
Earn $10 from affiliate sales
Limit blogging to 20 hours a week

I was thinking about making a traffic and income report link-up. Is that something you would be interested in? For now, share your reports in the comment. I'd love to see how you are doing.

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