Looking Ahead

December Goals

November Goals

Read 2 books// I only read one.
Clean out bedroom closet// It is actually more messy now that it is filled with presents.
Take maternity clothes to Goodwill// Success.
Make $25 from Swagbucks// Yay for Swagbucks!
No Junk Food November// Haha. I lasted about six days.
Try new workout once a week// Nope.

Maintain 5,000 pageviews// I did it.
Write 10 blog posts a month// I was able to do this easy with all of this month's gift guides.
Update 2 blog posts// Success.
Post 3X a week on Instagram// Instagram has been a struggle lately.
Reach 1,650 Pinterest followers// Success.
Make $100 from Adsense// Unfortunately, I didn't make this goal but I was so close.
Earn $10 from affiliate sales// I earned over this but still haven't met the threshold to get paid.
Limit blogging to 20 hours a week// This is still in progress. I'd say I'm down to 30 hours.

I did really good with the blog goals and not so great on the personal ones this month. Right now I have been so focused on the blog and really figuring out how to make it more of a business than a hobby. While I want this blog to be successful, I don't want my personal life to be neglected because of it.

December Goals

Determine personal goals for the next year
Determine financial goals for the next year
Cut toddler's TV time in half
Clean out bedroom closet
Read 1 book
Take the boys to see Christmas lights
Watch a Christmas movie every week
Make one new holiday cookie recipe

Determine blog goals for next year
Determine Instagram aesthetic
Reach 7,500 pageviews
Reach 1,800 Pinterest followers
Write 10 blog posts
Earn $50 from Adsense
Earn $10 from affiliate sales
Create email incentive program
Create a regular link party

January is right around the corner. Have any of you thought about your resolutions and goals for next year?

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