December Life Lately

Here we are again with another month gone. The time is just flying by. I cannot believe 2017 will be here in just a few days! It is exciting and a bit scary to think about what the new year holds.

I have not been reading as much as I would like. Life has been a bit chaotic. I'm only about half way through my book for the month. I'm going to try and finish it in the next few days but that might be too lofty of a goal.

We listened to some Christmas music but that's about it.  I prefer the old music from Bing Crosby and the like. It is what I grew up with so modern Christmas music just doesn't feel right.

I finally watched the Gilmore Girls: Seasons or whatever it is called. I really enjoyed it. I'd love for them to continue it. I miss having good, somewhat wholesome, television shows. Most of what is on TV today is awful.

We had my oldest second birthday which was tons of fun. He had a pizza party and a smash cake. He was so excited to have a cake but refused to eat it when it was time. Toddlers are so funny like that. My littlest has been eating nonstop. He has decided he doesn't like baby food and only wants his bottle. He is also starting to have trouble sleeping at night. We were going to move him into his room but we are holding off until we get the sleep issues figured out.

Wifey Life
My husband has an entire week off of work which is great. It is nice for him to have time to spend with the family. He starts school again in a couple of weeks so I am really trying to take advantage of him being home but still letting him have time to relax.

Blog/Social Media
Things are going so well. I'm doing no so much better than I ever imagined. I have been super busy planning the next year and really thinking about the future of this blog. Big things are coming and I'm so excited. For social media, I'm back to focusing on Instagram. It is really my favorite platform. I'm thinking about investing in a course, so if you know of any good ones, let me know.

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