November Income and Traffic Report

How I Made Over $200 On My Small Blog

This month I really focused on increasing my pageviews and put social media on the back burner. It really lead to results. The trick is going to be maintaining my growth. 

As for social media,I am wanting to be a bit more strategic in how I use them. I have started using Board Booster for Pinterest. I'm doing a trial of Coschedule for my social media campaigns. I have also started using Mailchimp for my newsletter which just had it's first edition go out. 

October Blog Statistics
Unique pageviews: 6,740
Bounce rate: 78.75%
Sessions:  4,809
Users: 3,916

October Social Media Statistics
Instagram: 2,886 (+44%)
Facebook: 689 (+38%)
Twitter: 1,161 (+18%)
Pinterest: 1,600 (+18%)

October Adsense Income: $75.57

November Blog Statistics
Unique pageviews: 9,774
Bounce rate: 69.51%
Sessions: 6,831
Users: 4,884

Traffic Sources
Pinterest (35%)
Facebook (27%)
Stumble Upon (7%)
Google Organic (5%)

November Social Media Statistics
Instagram: 3,262 (+11%)
Facebook: 816 (+15%)
Twitter: 1,265 (+8%)
Pinterest: 1,746 (+8%)

November Adsense Income: $96.13
Sponsored Posts: $116.80 (Linqia)
Affiliate Income: $14 (ShopStyle)

Board Booster $10

November Goals

Maintain 5,000 pageviews // I crushed it this month on pageviews but it took a lot of work.
Write 10 blog posts a month // This was easy with all the gift guides I put out last month.
Update 2 blog posts // This was easy just needed to take the time to do it.
Post 3X a week on Instagram // No.
Reach 1,650 Pinterest followers // Yes but it was hard.
Make $100 from Adsense // So close.
Earn $10 from affiliate sales // Yes, but I still haven't reached the $100 threshold
Limit blogging to 20 hours a week // I've cut it down to 30 hours.

December Goals

Determine next years goals
Determine Instagram strategies
Reach 1,800 Pinterest followers
Write 10 blog posts
Earn $75 from Adsense
Earn $15 from affiliate sales

I really want my monthly traffic and income reports to be helpful. What additional information would you like me to share?

November Income and Traffic Report | How I Made $200
How My Small Blog Made Over $200 | Income and Traffic Report

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