A Whole Lot Of Goals

This post contains a whole lot of goals. First, I am recapping my December goals. Before I dive into my January goals, I decided to share my goals for the year. I won't be sharing my quarterly goals because it would be a bit repetitious. Showing you the yearly and the monthly will be enough to demonstrate how my goals align. 

A Whole Lot Of Goals

December Goals Recap

Determine personal goals for the next year | Yes, plus I wrote a post about my goal setting process.

Determine financial goals for the next year | Yes, now I just have earn some money.
Cut toddler's TV time in half | My husband being home for an entire week meant we watched more TV than ever. I really have to figure this out though! 
Clean out bedroom closet | Yet again, no. 
Read 1 book | Success!
Take the boys to see Christmas lights | Yes, we walked around the neighborhood and looked at lights.
Watch a Christmas movie every week | We watched a ton of Christmas movies. Way more than one a week.
Make one new holiday cookie recipe | My mother gave me her peanut butter ball recipe. They were super yummy.

Determine blog goals for next year | Read my post about my yearly blog goals.

Determine Instagram aesthetic | I have a set filter I use in VSCO but I still haven't determined my exact niche. I do a lot of flatlays but I also post pics of my kiddos. I'd rather not have to chose one or the other. 
Reach 7,500 pageviews | Yes! Read about it my last income and traffic report.
Reach 1,800 Pinterest followers | Yes! Read about it my  next and last income and traffic report once it is posted.
Write 10 blog posts | No, but I also didn't have a computer for a week.

Earn $50 from AdsenseYes! Read about it my last income and traffic report.
Earn $10 from affiliate sales
Yes! Read about it my last income and traffic report.
Create email incentive program | No. I think I might have to change my service to do this, but don't want the expense.

Create a regular link party | I tried a link up this month and no one added their link. I may try again in the future but right now it isn't in the cards. 

Goals For 2017

Pay off medical bills
This is a pretty big goal for me and the family. We knew having another child was going to be expensive, but we couldn't have anticipated how expensive. In order to get our finances in order, we need to pay off all of the medical bills. My last pregnancy didn't go as expected and it ended with an emergency c-section and a stay in the NICU for the kiddo. Despite having insurance, we still have to pay quite a bit due to our out of pocket max.

Earn $5,000 in additional income
This goal is directly related to the previous. In order to pay them off in a timely fashion, we need to bring in extra income.

Lose 40 pounds
I can't believe I am putting a real number out onto the Internet. Usually, I would be less specific and just say lose weight. I really want to have at least one more child and in order for it to be less risky, I have to keep my weight under control.

Complete a 5K
This is something I have been wanting to do. I have been so lax on exercising, I'd actually need to train to complete one with a decent time. P.S. I hate running so this will be a hard goal.

Do Whole 30 twice
I know I should really just make a diet change because I love how much better I feel when I eat right. However, life just makes cooking and eating the right way a bit difficult. So my goal is to do Whole 30 twice a year.

Do something new each month
As a stay at home mom, I tend to do the same things all the time. When I was younger, I used to try new things and go new places all of the time. I want to get back to being that adventurous person I used to be. As an added bonus, it will give me some new content for this blog.

January Goals

Complete Whole 30: This will be running into February as I will be starting in the middle of the month

Earn $400 in addition income:  I will use a combination of blogging, surveys, and rebates.

Do timed distances every week

Lose 3 pounds

Try something new: I already know what this is going to be but it is a surprise!

I shared a ton of goals with you but if you want to read more goal posts, check out this goal link up from My So Called Chaos.

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