January Life Lately

Let me just start off my saying January has been an absolutely crazy month so far.  From babies to ice storms, this month has kept me on my toes.

I have just starting reading a book that has been on my list for years, Where'd You Go Bernadette?
I've just started it and it is really good. While I don't talk much about my religious beliefs on this blog, I have subtly hinted at them in the past. If you are looking for a Bible study, I recommend checking out She Reads Truth. I have the app on my iPad. I try to read one study everyday but sometimes I get too distracted by other things.

My husband was home for a large part of this month. First he was sick, then there was a huge snow and ice storm that closed his work for almost a week. That being said, we have watched a lot of television. He loves to watch House and Bob's Burgers. When my husband started feeling a bit better, I got the flu! My husband was then in charge of taking care of the kiddos. I know he tries hard but he relies on the TV to watch the kids a bit too much. Now my oldest has a fit to watch TV all the time. He is obsessed with Color Crew and Bubble Guppies. With my husband back to work this week, I have to break the toddler's TV obsession, which went from bad to worse.

My hands have been really full with the kiddos. My oldest needs a ton of activity and having been snowed in meant we haven't gone to his activities.  Then I was sick and wasn't able to play as much with him as I usually do. I need to work on getting the toddler to play by himself longer instead of needing me to play with him. My littlest is also keeping me busy. He has been wanting to eat every two hours and is crying all the time from teething. While my oldest loves to leave the house, my littlest one doesn't do well with leaving the house. On a side note, my washing machine broke right before the snow and ice storm hit. So I didn't have a washing machine for a week. Of course the kids somehow know this and make big messes all over.  I was trying to feed and entertain my kiddos and hand wash clothes in the bathtub.

Wifey Life
I love my husband but after having him home for two weeks, I am glad he is back to work.  When my husband is home it throws a real kink in the schedule with the kiddos. Other than that, things are pretty normal.

Blog/Social Media
I have been too busy with kiddos and hand washing laundry to do much blogging. I have a ton of really great things on the back burner right now. I'm looking at doing more beauty and makeup posts, incorporating a  better balance of high and low end recommendations, and doing more health related posts.

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