Last Income and Traffic Report

Last Income and Traffic Report

Yes it is true. This will be my last income and traffic report. There are several reasons for this. Mostly it is because my blog isn't geared toward other bloggers. My traffic and income reports are consistently the least viewed posts of the month. I also need to spend more time focusing on content for my target audience. So instead of traffic and income reports, you will see more lifestyle posts.

November Blog Statistics
Pageviews: 9,774
Bounce rate: 69.51%
Sessions: 6,831
Users: 4,884

November Social Media Statistics
Instagram: 3,262 (+11%)
Facebook: 816 (+15%)
Twitter: 1,265 (+8%)
Pinterest: 1,746 (+8%)

December Blog Statistics
Pageviews: 8,773
Bounce rate: 68.87%
Sessions: 6,039
Users: 4,857

December Social Media Statistics
Instagram: 3,642 (+11%)
Facebook: 894 (+8%)
Twitter: 1,382 (+8%)
Pinterest: 1,999 (+12%)

Ads $288
Sponsored Posts $138

Coschedule $19

Profit: $407

I am pleasantly surprised by my continued growth in my social media account. I know my pageviews were down but that was to be expected due to the holidays. I also didn't have a computer for an entire week so I went a while without publishing any content. 

Since this is my last income and traffic report, do you want to ask any questions? I'd be happy to answer anything. 

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