February Goals

January was pretty crazy and February is already off to a pretty rough start. It is early still so hopefully I can turn this month around. 

January Goals 

Try something new: I will be writing about this experience soon!

Complete Whole 30: I got super sick last month and we got snowed in making getting groceries impossible, so sadly this didn't happen.

Earn $400 in additional income: Not even close. I didn't even make half, but again I was super sick and didn't work on this as much as I would have liked.

Do timed distances every week: I didn't do this even once.

Lose 3 pounds: I had two really bad stomach bugs. Not how I wanted to lose weight but I suppose it counts.

February Goals

Continue to eat healthy: I have a brand new board full of healthy recipes to try. 

Earn $200 in additional income: I think this might be a bit more realistic for the time I have available to commit.

Lose 3 more pounds: No more stomach bugs though, please!

Drink more water: I used to be good about drinking tons of water. Now I can't have a glass without someone spilling it or dropping things in it. However, my skin is suffering from not drinking enough water.

Limit eating out to 4 times a month: We have been spending a ton of money on eating out. Life had been so hectic cooking dinner and doing the dishes seemed too great a task.

Improve my photography: A long time ago, I was actually pretty good at photography. Now I am out of practice and really not giving it the time it deserves. I want to take take more photos with my actual camera and get back to using the manual settings!

Organize my samples/photo props/ blog stuff: My collection of blog things has grown out of control. From pr samples to Instagram props, I just have way to much stuff all over the place. Oh on a good note I did get my closet cleaned out. That was on my goal list a couple of months ago.

Make a list of all the things I need to do: I have a really long list of things I need to do, but it is in my head. I need to sit down and actually make a list!

I am not sure what my new thing for the month will be yet, but I am thinking about it. Do you have any suggestions for something new to do? Maybe a hobby you like that I should try? Or some new exercise class? Is there something you want to try but are a bit nervous to do?

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