A Not So Successful Quarter: April Goals

April Goals

I can't believe the first quarter of the year is already over. I am so behind on my goals that it isn't even funny. January, February, and March have all had their successes and failures. Failure isn't something I handle very well so I am going to need to find some time to reevaluate my goals.

Limit dessert to once a week: Nope. I had two giant cookies in one week last week.

Lose 3 pounds: I only lost 1 stinking pound but I suppose after the cookies I shouldn't be surprised. I have such a bad sweet tooth.

Work out 3 times per week: I only managed to work out twice per week most weeks. Two weeks I did sneak in a third at home ab workout. That's not bad but if I want to see the number on the scale go down, I have to get to the gym more often and do my ab exercises.

Take a fun class: This was the only thing I managed to do this month. I had such a good time taking the bath salts class. Now that I know how to make my own bath salts and bath bombs, I might be able to spend a bit less money at Lush.

Here are my April goals.

Lose 2 pounds: I think this number is a bit more realistic. I can do this by cutting 250 calories a day from my diet and exercising three times a week.

Work out 3 times per week: I am going to try and workout Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I need to come up with a better routine that I can do at home one day a week.

Get back to in-depth meal planning again: I haven't been so good at meal planning lately. I still plan the meals for dinner for the week. When I was pregnant I was good at planning not just dinner, but all of the meals. I also planned them around my diet better. Meaning I would plan out my carbs to make sure I didn't overdue it. A sandwich for lunch and chicken and veggies for dinner, as an example.

Start logging food in my food diary: When I had gestational diabetes, I had to keep a log with all of the food I at and my blood sugar numbers. It helped me with meal planning too. If a certain combination of meals made my blood sugar higher, I would make sure not to eat them together again. Also recording the food makes me more aware of what I ate that day. It is useful but has a built in guilt system.

Something new: This month, for my something new, I am going to be bullet journaling the entire month of April.

What goals do you have for the month? If you don't set goals, why don't you? 

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