It's Been Crazy, June

I cannot believe it is time for another segment of Life Lately. Things have been so super busy around here. I was hoping to have a relaxing month and really work on some self reflection and relationship building time. Has that happened yet?

Thank you Hulu! I love love the new shows that are available. I will have no problem finding something to watch, if I should find the time to watch TV. I'm spending a ton more time in the office nook than I would like. Currently watching House Hunters and Fixer Upper. 

I am really wanting to get into a new place. Out current residence is just too small. We have four people living in a two bedroom, two bath place. I really really want to double our living space. I'd love 4 bedrooms because I am still thinking about having another child. However, here in the Portland Metro the housing market is insane. Not anything like California or the Seattle area, but it is really high. It is a sellers market here. In fact, you can flip a house here without even improving it. Here are a few links to some houses I am dreaming about. Yellow house. New build. The Yard. and Can I Have Please?  None of them are absolutely perfect and three of them would still need major updates.

Bad News Bears
My beloved Apple MacBook Pro died. Like dead. As in my husband that works in IT can't fix it. Something about the logic board. Anyway. I'm not exactly rolling in money (we just paid off all of our NICU bills) so I can't just go out and buy another $2,000 computer. I'm pretty resourceful so I am hoping to figure out some way to get a new computer. In the meantime, I am working from the worlds oldest Mac Mini. Let's hope it lasts until I can find a more reliable replacement.

Mommy Life
Things with the kids were great when my mom was here. Somehow she was able to get my two little boys to be the sweetest little angels. Now that she has returned home, things are back to crazy. My oldest is 2.5 and is really testing boundaries. He makes it hard and embarrassing to leave the house. He also gets stir crazy when we stay at home. I know we have to get out and do more but my oldest is the child that is literally throwing himself on the floor in public. If you see a mom carrying a screaming toddler over her shoulder, that is probably me.

Wifey Life
Things are not as bad now that my husband isn't as busy. We could both really use some time away from both of the kiddos but I don't have a babysitter to watch both of them, not even my mother-in-law will do it. My oldest, as you have read, is a handful. Oh and I just found out my gym will start closing earlier. So now I have to decide to either go the gym, spend time with my husband, or blog. There isn't a way to do two on the same night anymore. I'd have to leave right after the kids go to bed to make it to the gym and by the time I was home my husband would be asleep meaning I couldn't spend time with him or blog since the computer is in the bedroom.

Blog Life
I am so busy with the blog, but in a good way! I just launched my YouTube channel. I'll be sharing beauty hauls, unboxings, and more on my channel. I am going to try and build up a library of videos and then post weekly. It is crazy to think that a year ago I said I would never do video and well here I am doing video. I've already posted a budget beauty haul, if you want to check it out.

I'd love to hear how your June is going? Are you excited and ready for summer? 

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