Living in the Moment: My Month in Polaroids

As a blogger and a Type A person, I feel that everything has to be perfect, or at least look like it is. As an Instagram mom, I take hundreds of photos trying to get just the right picture of my kids playing. Of course, that means I'm too busy making sure there isn't too much clutter in the background or that the lighting is perfect. Spending time trying to find the perfect moment to share was taking me away from the moments in my day to day life.

I decided to buy myself an instant camera so that I could candidly document my journey of living in the moment. I was going to take one photo a day capturing a real moment. I wanted to capture the mess, the fun, the stress, and the realness of my everyday life.

my month in Polaroids

For some reason I thought this project would be easy. However, the desire to have a perfectly planned, picture perfect life was more ingrained in me than I thought.

One day I took my oldest with me to check the mail. I let him open the mailbox and reach inside to get all of the mail out. But guess what? I forgot to take a picture of this moment, so I was going to make him do it again! Which was the exact opposite of what I needed to do. This wasn't the only incident of me wanting to stage a moment or retake a picture. Eventually, because I was using a Polaroid, I only took one picture instead of making my kid stand there while I took twenty. So there was a slight improvement but not because my instinct had changed but because my technology limited my ability.

As you can see I don't have 30 days worth of pictures either. Some days I found myself saying that what we were doing wasn't worthy of a picture. Other days were just too busy too even think about taking a picture.

I do think there is one picture that I took with the best of intentions. The last picture is of my mother drinking her morning coffee. She'd probably be so mad at me to see this posted but it is a great moment. We were just going about our day. Still in our pajamas. It's a moment I want to remember forever. Isn't that what pictures are actually for? Maybe, I did learn a little from this, after all.

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