September Life Lately

I really want to thank all of you that read these life lately posts. It means the world to me. However I am going to cut back on these posts. I think I may post once every couple of months instead of monthly. Then I will have more to share in these posts.

Highlight Reel
September Highlight Reel

I finished Dawson's Creek. So I have moved on to watching Ally McBeal on Hulu. I forgot how much I love that show. Every night, I've been dreaming I was a lawyer. Which actually doesn't make for the best rest. So I might have to rethink watching it before bed. I have very intense and realistic dreams so I have to watch pretty tame stuff before bed. Normally I watch HGTV shows but I've watched all that are worth watching on Hulu. 

I've been doing a lot of shopping lately. Well mostly window shopping at this point but that is a key part of my shopping process. I am looking for a small breakfast nook table, a new accent chair, and a new desk chair. On top of that, I need some finishing touches for pretty much every room in my place. I am looking to add to my fall and winter wardrobe since I haven't lost any baby weight. Which, at a year later, is pretty much just weight now. 

Things with the kiddo are changing. My oldest is still a handful, don't get me wrong. However, my youngest is also now keeping me on my toes. We had planned on starting daycare part-time, with my oldest but it didn't pan out. It would be a major change to our schedule, would cost a ton of money, and honestly wouldn't provide the structure my oldest needs. Since he turns 3 in December, I am looking for a more school type setting. Something structured not just playing with a bunch of kids all day. 

Things are going okay. I am hesitant to say they are great. Next month is our 5 year anniversary. I was really hoping to get to go out without the kids, but with no babysitter, that doesn't look like it is going to happen. 

Things with the blog are picking up. I reached my goal of hitting 20K on Instagram. Given how much Instagram doesn't want you to grow anymore, I am particularly proud of this accomplishment. So now I am going to focus on growing my Twitter account. I would like to get to 5K by the end of the year. I know I set a goal to grow my Pinterest to 5K but really Pinterest followers don't matter since it operates like a search engine and not a social network. I also need to get back to writing more evergreen content so I can get more page views. 

If you follow my Instagram Stories,  you probably know that I started going more places and doing more things.I have also started working out again. I won't hit my weight loss goal this year, but I need to at least lose some of the weight.

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